Climbing Wall


We have three climbing walls at UNNC. 
1. Main Wall (ground floor)
2. Bouldering Walls (2nd floor)
3. Free Form Wall (2nd floor)

Main Wall
Bouldering Wall
Free Foam Wall

To climb on the Main Wall and Free Form Walls you will need to attend either the Club or Engage sessions or, if you are an experienced climber, to be signed off as a Level 2 climber by our Adventure Sports Manager. For more details on climbing levels, please click here.

The Main Wall and Free Form Walls use a colour system to distinguish the different routes that are provided on the walls. So one route, one colour and the degree of difficulty is marked at the start of the route. For beginners we suggest that you climb the easiest routes to begin with, which are grade 5.8. Once you become comfortable, you can try different routes and difficulties like 5.9, 5.10a, 5.10b. For routes higher than 5.10a there will be some movements or skills for you to develop and learn which will make the experience of climbing more enjoyable rather than just pulling yourself up! 

To find out more about the different sessions that are available to you, please click here to see the climbing programme.