FHSS Staff Research Expertise
Full Name Research Expertise
Ashley Ng Yoon Mooi Educational Leadership & Management; Policies; School Improvement; Action Research, Mentoring, Continuous Professional Development, Professional Learning Community
Amira Halperin

Mobile Phones, Information and Communication Technologies, Journalism, Migration, Refugees, Cybersecurity in the Media

Bjarke Liboriussen Creative Industries; Game Studies
Candace Veecock Semantics, Discourse Analysis, Second/ Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
Celia Lam Celebrity studies; Audience and Fan studies; Australian and Hollywood celebrity identity 
Chang Liu Tourism Economics, Health Economics, Urban Economics 
Chaoyan Wang Financial Economics, Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance and its application of machine learning and big data
Chee Kian Leong Computational Economics, Econometrics, Agent-based Modelling, Applications of Data Mining in Economics
Chen Qu Game Theory and its applications in different fields of economics
Chew Lian Chua  Applied Economics, Time Series Econometrics, Applied Macroeconometrics
Corey Kai Nelson Schultz Chinese film; Chinese visual culture; Film phenomenology; Museum studies; Representation of Jews and Jewishness in China
Daiho Kitaoka  Theoretical linguistics (syntax, phonology), Japanese
Dan Shi Systemic Functional Linguistics, Multimodality, Genre-based Pedagogy
David Greenaway International Economics, International Trade, Economic Development
David Kiwuwa Democratization and Democratic Theory, Nationalism and Conflict Studies, Governance, China-Africa.    
Derek Irwin Systemic Functional Linguistics, Text Analysis
Douglas Bell English for Academic Purposes, Pedagogy in Higher Educational Contexts
Du Ping Intercultural Communication, Workplace Communication, Discourse Analysis
Emilian Kavalski Belt and Road Initiative, China-Europe relations, China-Central and Eastern Europe, International Relations Theory
Eugene Ch’ng Digital Heritage; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Social Media; Creative Industries
Eugénie Duthoit Learning-in-interaction(languages), Digital Technologies, Research Methodologies, Professional Practises 
Filippo Gilardi Media convergence, Creative Industries, Digital Business Models, Digital Copyright, Media Education
Geoff Hall Stylitics, Language Education, Literacy, TESOL/ ELT
Godwin Ioratim-Uba Language learning, Classroom Research
Grant Dawson Humanitarian Intervention, Sub-state Transnational Politics, Classical Realism, Canada / United Kingdom
Jenyu Chou Macroeconomics Studies on the area of people’s inattentive expectation basing on a DSGE framework, Monetary Policy Analysis.
Jingong Huang Economic Growth, Firm Productivity, Financial and Sovereign Risk Spillovers, International Trade
Joseph Askew Chinese Imperial History, China Foreign Relations, Contemporary China, Gender 
K. Cohen Tan Critical theory; Buddhist philosophy; Cultural studies; Deconstruction; Digital media
Kyung Min Nam Peer-assisted Learning (peer teaching), Learner Autonomy, Second Language Acquisition, Qualitative Research
Lei Hao Ethnicity in digital culture, critical blockchain studies, digital labour, video sharing platform, media convergence
Li Mei Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition
Lily (Yi Lin) Food Structures, Dietary Patterns, Food Chemistry, Nutrition and its related chronic diseases, epigenomics
Lily Yu Translation and Interpreting Studies, Gender/women/feminist Studies, Intercultural Communication, Narratives in Museums
Long Wen Tourism Economics, Applied Econometrics, Forecasting
Margaret Dowens Neuro/Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Experimental  Psychology
Maria Julia Trombetta Environmental Security, Energy Security, Climate Change, Securitization, IR Theory.
Mary Ainslie Transnational Pan-Asian Media Depictions; Southeast Asian current social issues and Media Depictions; Judaism and anti-Semitism in Asia
Matteo Salonia Medieval Christendom; Early Modern Europe; Global History; Economic History.
Nagatomi Hirayama Nationalism, Socialism, Party Politics, Republican China.
Nancy X. LIU Media Translation, Translation and Interpreting Studies, International Communications
Paolo Epifani Theory and Empirics of International Trade
Paul Martin Meaning, Interpretation and Digital games; Phenomenology and Digital Games; Chinese Computer Game Discourse; Chinese Esports; Citation Patterns in Game Scholarship
Qian Wang Econometric Theory and Applied Econometrics
Robert Weekly World Englishes, Sociolingusitics, Qualitative Research, Language Policy 
Rosaria Franco Child Welfare; Refugee Movements; Cold War; Empires
Shixin Zhang Journalism studies; Media and conflict; Media management; Media globalisation; Digital media
Stuart McDonald Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics, Theory with Experiments and Econometric Analysis
Thomas Hirzel Chinese and Global History, Museums and Cultural Heritage, Translation and Intercultural Communication
Tom Lane Behavioural Economics; Experimental Economics; Happiness Economics; Cultural Economics; Economic Methodology; Discrimination and Social Identity; Social Norms
Tracey Fallon Cultural Politics, Nationalism, National Identity, Public Diplomacy, Late Modern History and Contemporary China
Wai-Heng Loke International Trade, Trade Policy, Trade Costs, Economics of Regional Integration
Xiaoge Xu Mobile Studies; Experience Research; Creative Industries; Media and Communication Studies; Mapping, Measuring, and Modelling  
Xuewen Qian Rationalizability, Implementation Theory, Mechanism Design, Network Games
Xuyan Lou Labour Economics, Health Economics, Development Economics
Yang Li Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics
Yanhui Zhang Technology-enhanced Language Learning
Yifei Cao Bank Lending and Stability, Macro-prudential Policies, Sovereign-bank Nexus, Chinese Banking Sector
Yu Fu Health Economics, Behavioral Economics
Zhenjiang Lin Theoretical and Applied Macroeconometrics, Simulation-based and Irregular Inference Methods, Numerical Optimization Methods
Zhuo Chen Labour Economics, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics
Staff from Other School/Departments Contributing to FHSS  
Marshall Stauffer In-Sessional Support, English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes
Ruairidh Brown Political Philosophy; Political Obligation; Hermeneutics; Existentialism.