The Faculty runs a regular Seminar series to facilitate research talks for the Faculty body and the wider University community. Through the hosting of talks by Faculty members and international scholars of renown, the FHSS Research Seminar Series aims to provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchange across the Faculty, international collaboration beyond UNNC, and to foster a vibrant research culture within the Faculty.

The inclusion of PhD candidates in the Series encourages integration of graduate students into the Faculty research culture and further enriches our students’ learning experience and research activities.

Talks are loosely defined into three categories.

FHSS Staff/PGR talks

To foster exchange, Schools and the Language Centre will rotate hosting of staff or final year PhD talks that are open to the Faculty. The School or Language Centre responsible will nominate 1-2 staff/PhD papers for presentation, with talks held once a month.Talks are open to staff and students within the Faculty.

Invited Speaker talks

These talks feature international scholars in the field who bring innovative ideas and opportunities for collaboration with staff within the Faculty. Talks are open to the whole UNNC staff and student community.

Professional Development talks

These talks aim to develop skills to support academic development, or to facilitate the running of research projects. Professional development talks provide staff and PhD students advice on furthering academic development relative to career stage.Talks are open to staff and students within the Faculty.





FHSS Staff/PGR Talks



Invited Speaker Talks