Alumni Scholarship*

A 15% tuition fee reduction for maximum three years for students applying for full time PhD studies at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and who have previously studied at undergraduate/postgraduate level in The University of Nottingham UK, China or Malaysia.

*Note: This policy is only effective for 2018/19 entry.

Family Scholarship*

A 10% tuition fee reduction for maximum four years. for the children, brothers, sisters, husbands or wives of students who are currently registered on award bearing courses at The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China or who have already successfully completed award-bearing courses.

*Note: This policy is only effective for 2018/19 entry.

I study MicroFinance. This is a huge growth industry. It’s a significant industry in China. To come here and work locally on the ground where I can interview people directly and become really knowledgeable about the programs and complete my research studies is a great opportunity.
Dr Susan Schwarz
  • Completed in 2017, PhD of Nottingham University Business School China
  • Editorial Board Member of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ABS-4)
Many of the PhD students have the opportunity to teach if they would like to do so. I’ve taught economics, organizational behaviour and strategic management. That’s important as that’s part of developing academic career to have those skills. It’s also a great way to network and get to know people and to learn more, because most of the student body is Chinese. So it’s part of the learning and the adventure. In terms of the role of the Business School, the unique proposition of the campus in terms of being Chinese and being British, it has the advantages of east and west that an international scholar might seek out in terms of who the faculty are, the opportunity to publish, the best journals and even media interests.
Dr Susan Schwarz