Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) Scholarships at UNNC and IGSNRR
 Reference: 20053DTPBJ
 Length of Scholarships: up to 36 months, subject to satisfactory progression
 Places:  1
 Closing Date:  16:00, 9 Oct 2020 (China Time)
 Entry Date:  Feb 2021


The available PhD scholarships cover:

  • Tuition fee
  • Monthly stipend
  • Medical insurance with designated providers
  • All above items are covered for up to 36 months based on satisfactory progression
  • All regulations set out in the UNNC PGR Scholarship Policy apply

In addition to the above scholarship, successful candidates also have the opportunity to carry out paid teaching (after the completion of Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) training) or research assistant duties at UNNC since second year of their PhD programmes.

Available PhD research areas:

The above scholarships are to support research projects outlined under the following themes:
1. Application of the Planetary Boundary concept to the Greater Bay Area, China
IGSNRR supervisor: Prof Fenzhen SU
UNNC supervisors: Dr Odette PARAMOR (School of Geographical Sciences)
2. Automated GIS-based approaches for mapping glacial landscapes
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof. Cheng-Zhi QIN
UNNC Supervisor: Dr Ping FU (School of Geographical Sciences)
3. Climate change impacts on hydrological extremes
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof. Tang Qiuhong
UNNC Supervisor: Dr Gengen He and Dr Meili Feng (School of Geographical Sciences)
UNUK Supervisor: Prof. Simon Gosling
4. Designing Clustering Approaches for Point Data and Structural Data
IGSNRR supervisor: Prof. Chenghu Zhou
UNNC supervisors: Dr Sheung Hung Poon (School of Computer Science)
5. Evaluation of effects of the “Sponge City” program in China
IGSNRR supervisor: Prof. Yanfang SANG
UNNC supervisors: Dr Ali Cheshmehzangi (Department of Architecture and Built Environment) and Dr Faith CHAN (School of Geographical Sciences)
6. Flood predictions for basins with scarce data
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof. Suxia LIU
UNNC Supervisors: Dr Fangfang Zhu (Department of Civil Engineering), Dr Faith CHAN and Dr Meili FENG (School of Geographical Sciences)
7. Integrated Innovation for Elderly Care Services of Ageing Cities
IGSNRR supervisor: Professor Xiaolu GAO
UNNC supervisor: Dr Ali CHESHMEHZANGI (Department of Architecture and Built Environment)
8. Investigation on eco-city construction and urban ecological integrated management mechanism in typical Chinese cities
IGSNRR supervisor: Prof. Xiangzheng Deng
UNNC supervisors: Dr. Ali Cheshmehzangi (Department of Architecture and Built Environment)
9. Investigation of the impacts on water problems (drought and floods) and sustainability issues under the implications of Belt and Road Initiative: The Case of NW China, Mongolia and C Asia
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof Juanle WANG
UNNC Supervisors: Dr Faith CHAN (School of Geographical Sciences) and Prof Hing Kai CHAN (Nottingham University Business School)
10. Reconstruction of paleo glacier extent and thickness distribution using geomorphic mapping and numeric modelling
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof. Cheng-Zhi QI
NUNNC Supervisor: Dr Ping FU (School of Geographical Sciences)
11. Responses of river morphology to human activities and climate change
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof He Qing HUANG
UNNC Supervisor: Dr Tengwen LONG (School of Geographical Sciences)
12. Space-time analysis of remote sensing and in situ environmental data
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof Yong GE
UNNC Supervisor: Dr Nicholas HAMM (School of Geographical Sciences)
13. Space-time modelling of poverty in China and surrounding countries
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof Yong GE
UNNC Supervisor: Dr Nicholas HAMM (School of Geographical Sciences)
14. Study on the influence factors and mechanism of wildlife tourism development in China
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof. ZHONG Linsheng
UNNC Supervisor: Dr Odette Paramor (School of Geographical Sciences)
15. Sustainable urban-rural transformation development path in China based on Eco-service and socio-economic performance
IGSNRR Supervisor: Prof. Hualou LONG
UNNC Supervisor: Dr. Ali Cheshmehzangi (Department of Architecture and Built Environment)
16. Current and historic air quality mapping in China
IGSNRR supervisor: Prof Baozhang CHEN
UNNC supervisor: Dr Nicholas HAMM (School of Geographical Sciences)
17. Criteria and investigation of the original geographical features and ecological civilization model   
IGSNRR supervisor: Professor Yunqiang ZHU
UNNC supervisors: Dr Nicholas HAMM

PhD programme structure

PhD programmes at the UNNC are composed of 3 years research and a 1 year thesis pending period for full time PhDs. Full time PhDs are expected to submit their theses within a maximum of four years from initial registration. PhD supervision is undertaken jointly by academics from University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resource Research, CAS (IGSNRR) and the University of Nottingham UK (UNUK). On successful completion of the PhD, the students will be awarded a PhD degree from University of Nottingham. No reference will be made on the degree certificate as to where the degree has been completed. The University of Nottingham PhD degree is accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the UK Quality Assurance Agency.



Applicants must have a first class honours undergraduate degree or 65% and above for a Masters’ degree from a British university, or the equivalent from other institutions.

Applicants must meet the required English language proficiency for the relevant subject area. IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in all elements) or its equivalent is required for Faculty of Science and Engineering (FoSE) scholarship applicants.

More details can be found on the ‘entry requirements’ page of the website.


How to apply

No separate application is required for applying for a scholarship but please make sure you quote the scholarship reference number in your PhD application form. It normally takes 7-8 weeks for a final decision to be made after the closing date. List of required documents can be found on the ‘how to apply’ page.