PhD Students


Ying Chen

BSc University of Nottingham, MSc University of Konstanz

Research interests: Behavioural time inconsistency and social preferences; in particular the effect of time preference on strategic interactions.



Xian Zhang

BSc (Nanjing Agricultural University), MSc (University of California, Davis)

Research interests: Xian’s main interest lies in agricultural economics and development economics. Current specific research topics include the ‘free’ effect in tourism, how free promotions influence different socio-economic groups, and poverty-relief policy evaluation.


Meiqi Chen-Economics PhD student

Meiqi Chen

BSc (Yantai University), MSc (University of Nottingham)

Research interests: Experimental economics and behavioural economics, with special focus on topics related to social preference and prosocial behaviour.


Juncheng-Zhang 201x144

Juncheng Zhang

BSc (Zhuhai College of Jilin University), MSc (University of Southampton)

Research Interest: Environmental economics


Jingyi Shen

Jingyi Shen

BSc (Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College of Commerce), MSc  (University of Nottingham)

Research Interest: Cooperative Game Theory, Financial Economics