CeDEx Lab

At CeDEx China we conduct research into how people make decisions. For this, we require the participation of volunteers. Your participation is crucial to the success of our research, and we will highly appreciate your contribution and be really grateful for your collaboration. CeDEx has been conducting these studies at UNUK since the year 2000 and several thousands of students have taken part its experiments.

Participation in our economic experiments is usually fun and you will be compensated for your time and, depending on the experiment, you may earn additional money as a result of your choices. Being a volunteer does not require special skills, and there are no restrictions on academic background or year of study. Therefore, we welcome all current UNNC students to join in. If you are interested, please register with us: 

How to register?

  1. You can register at: http://orsee.nottingham.edu.cn/public/participant_create.php
  2. Please write down your UNNC email address correctly (with suffix @nottingham.edu.cn).
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from ORSEE. Please activate your account with the link sent to you.
  4. To get more invitations to experiments, we recommend you register with correct information and tick boxes to accept both invitations from "Laboratory" and "Internet” experiments.

Please note that access to the ORSEE website is only available in the UNNC teaching area. This means you need either to connect from a desktop computer on campus, or from another device which is connected to the eduroam WiFi.

What is an economics experiment?

Economics experiments are used to investigate how people make decisions. For that reason, we require the participation of volunteers. Experiments normally take place at our computer lab on the UNNC campus: you are guided by researchers to understand experimental instructions, then click the mouse to complete tasks, and finally claim rewards. The task can be described as a game in which you will act as a trader or other type of decision-maker. Any interaction with other participants is typically via a computer network (rather than face-to-face). Experiments might be conducted in either Chinese or English. Participating in a study usually does not take longer than an hour.

All experiment contents have ethical approval before your participation. The data you provide will be used anonymously for scientific research.

What are the benefits of registering as a volunteer?

You need to register with us before participating in experiments. Once you register you will be eligible to receive invitations for individual studies. The invitations will tell you the dates, times, language and any other necessary information. Note that registering with us does not commit you to anything. You are always free to accept or ignore a particular invitation. You can also deregister at any time.


You are paid for participating in experiments. The amount can vary but we can tell you that most participants have been willing to come back and take part in several experiments. The amount we pay can depend on the decisions you make during an experiment, decisions other people make, and an element of chance. For scientific reasons, and to avoid creating false expectations, we cannot say too much about the average payment; if there is anything unusual in the design which may affect the payment you receive, then we will tell you when you sign up for that experiment.


We have been conducting these studies at UNUK since 2000 and have had several thousands of students take part over that time. Your participation is crucial to the success of our research, and we will highly appreciate your contribution and be really grateful for your collaboration. If you register, your registration will remain valid, and you will remain eligible to receive invitations, until the end of your studies (unless you choose to deregister in the meantime).