Message to applicants

PLEASE check your purpose. Why do you want to get a PhD degree?

If college degree is necessary for everyone, PhD will/shall never be meant for everyone. Getting a doctoral degree requires going through a very tedious, sometimes, painful process, only those who really want it for working in the academia or taking up high-level decision-making positions will enjoy.


Check your emotional readiness. Are you emotionally prepared to be a doctoral candidate?

  1. Are you passionate about academic research? – PhD programme is geared toward developing people who are not only good at identifying problems (research questions), but also committed to finding out answers. It is not like BA or MA degrees for which you take classes from teachers, in PhD programmes, you need to spend most of time, studying on your own and trying to identify gaps in the literature, or problems in the field, figuring out how to fill in the gap or answer the question. Do you have the passion?

  2. Are you analytical? Do you enjoy putting together puzzles, or using relevant theories?  -- In PhD studies, you need to think and analyze which is often a problem in a messy situation, look for the different pieces of puzzles, and use appropriate theories to put them together in a sensible way. The search for the different pieces is not always easy. Are you prepared to do that?

  3. Are you persistent? – Are you the type who are good at finishing things once started? In a PhD programme, the process to identify meaningful questions as well as the search for the right explanations could be very tedious and frustrating, even painful. Are you ready for that?

  4. Do you have the necessary research skills? – Our programme only takes three years, which is a very short period comparing with Universities in North America. Therefore, we expect applicants to have learned the basic research skills and be able to get into the doing mood as soon as you join in order to finish it in a timely manner. Are you capable of doing that?


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