Student Profiles

Nottingham University Business School China doctoral students work on various exciting, multidisciplinary, and innovative projects. The table below lists our current doctoral student and their research topics.

NameResearch Topic
Camen Teh Augmented Reality in Retail 
Haidong Cai  Empirical analysis of asset pricing in Chinese future and stock markets
Jia Luo Reconsideration of Working Capital Management: Supply Chain Financial Collaboration
Jiaosha Chen Entrepreneurial networking strategy and resource mobilization
Jinyu Liang Investor Site Visits and Corporate Decisions: a Machine Learning Approach
Linyin Xie Stock liquidity and uncertainty in China
Murtaza Faruquee Supply chain resilience: a study on antecedents and consequences under diverse contexts 
Saier Su Family business type and family business innovation. Understanding indirectly established family business and their innovation behavior
Wei Chang Responses Influence Responses: Institutional Demand and Organizational Adaption
Xiaofei Song Effect of Rivalry and Aggression Information Cues on Live Streaming Viewer Engagements
Xiaoxi Sun The Impact of the Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship on Franchise Performance
Xuan Ye Social entrepreneurship, impact investment, business model
Yuxue Luo Contextualising Foreign Subsidiary Governance: Antecedents and Consequences
Zhidong Zhao The CCC spread and the accrual anomaly
Lin Li Lily Location strategy of Chinese Multinational enterprise 
Xi Shen Institutional logics and the nature of CRS in Chinese international shipping industry 
Aijing Song Understanding the nature and determinates of the store loyalty in China
Michele Geraci  Determinants of saving behavior in China: the impact of interest rates
Yuxiu Hu Essays on the Chinese Financial Markets
Yali Wang The impact of venture capital on the innovation capability of SME in China
Fangli Zeng Information system in liner shipping
Bo Yang Development of humanistic leadership from a Confucian perspective
Ching Yuan Paul Liu The relationship of parenting styles and family business succession intention – taking Theory of planned behavior Approach
Jia Jia Lim Supply chain innovation for sustainability: An investigation on combinatorial innovations towards upstream and downstream supply chain structure 
Jiale Wei Cross-border M&As from China
Meng Wang Corporate governance and asset pricing in China
Shanshan Qu Inventory growth spread and liquidity risk 
Xingyi  Zhang Political connections and corporate decisions in China
Qifan Pei Supply chain finance efficiency and its risk management
Chunan Hu Shadow banking activities and bank performance in China
Han Yan How do small and medium enterprises attract investors on crowdfunding platform in China
Dinh Tam Phuc  Executive turnover and selection in China and Vietnam
Shuning Zheng  Blockchain: a new way to reshape the open e-logistics standards in supply chain management 
Junhui Zhang  Recommendation system, online shopping, consumer psychology and purchase decision
Ziqi Yan  Visual application and sensory marketing for destination tourism in rural China
Wang Zi How selective exposure neutralize cognitive dissonance in luxury consumption
Tong He  Digital innovation in subsistence marketplaces and its impacts on  consumer behavior
Zhidong Zhao Assessing the impact of financial inclusion on systemic risk
Miao Han Debt and corporate investment decisions
Wanning Li Credit Risk
Yuanyuan Wang Nudging, obesity, Online take-away food choice
Kunjing Li Calling in work 
Dandan Ye The exploration of the process and pace of E-business’ internationalization
Xiya Zhang Investigating the Role of Digital Innovation in Transition of Traditional Manufacturing 
Ying Qiu Language, voice and power: an alternative approach to critical leadership studies 
Naidan Zhang Empirical study on the relationship between CSR attribution, Perceived corporate social responsibility and employee well-being: the moderating effects of employees’ prosocial behavioral tendency 
Cheng Xu Gender gap on economic issues
Chih-Hsuan Lu A study on entrepreneurial growth and ecosystem
Rajan Lamuel Gaikwad  Empirical study of employee’ social preference in the context of operations management
Kit Shun Ng Entrepreneurial leadership
Zhihao Qin The accurate examination of state ownership on equity risk, overstaffing, and bailout
Jiapei Wang The Empirical research on liquidity of stock market in China
Bilkisu Aliyu Muhammad HADEJIA   Social entrepreneurship in emerging markets
Dong Lyu How regulatory focus influences purchase intentions in gift giving context: the roles of social factors
Wen Shi Image/ Video recognition and Mergers & Acquisitions
Daiteng Ren The value logics of family business model and sustainability
Bojue Xu Unravelling the Role of Artificial Intelligence and Human in Operational Decision Making: A Field Study in a B2B Sharing Economy Platform
Camen TEH Augmented Reality in Retail
Chen Huang Research on the Effectiveness of Independent Directors' Performance in Listed Companies Based on the Empirical Evidence of Independence Opinion
Chenchen Weng How do complementors make the decision of accepting the short end of the stick? A process model of the preferential treatment decision 
Dong Xu Investigating blockchain in supply chain: social network perspective
Guanzhong Zuo Managerial Ability and the Relationship Between Ownership Structure and R & D Stickiness – Evidence from China 
Jianliang Li When Corporate Social Responsibility Meets Traditional Chinese Cultures
Jiayan Qiu  Short sale and stock return in Chinese stock market
Jiazhe Zhu Cultural Distance, Post-merger Integration and Innovation: The Context of Chinese Cross-border M&A
Mary Yewande Otitoju Unravelling the impact of religion on female entrepreneurship
Moyi Cheng Family Business Group in China
Qing Dai Strategic alliance from the perspective of corporate social responsibility: Alliance portfolio diversity, alliance governance structure, and alliance termination in the global context
Qinjie Yang Knowledge linkages and innovation performance in peripheral regions – Evidence from Chinese co-patenting data
Shiying Zheng Strategies for digital platform owners to enter complementary markets 
Ting Shi  
Xiaohe Wu A review for electronic government in the IS field
Xiaoqun Wang Investigation on Dynamic Burnout and the Intervention of Collaborative Job Crafting and Strengths Use
Xinyi Jiang  Corporate Tax Avoidance and firm Acquisition Decisions
Xu He Investigating User Resistance to AI Chatbot and Measures to Address It in a Customer Service Context    
Xuan Fei Gossip Is a Double-Edged Sword: Effects on Creativity, Task Performance and Helping Behavior
Xue Chang  The influence of state ownership on management efficiency, risk behaviour, and profitability under the cluster of ownership concentration and corporate headquarters
Xueqi Bao Mobile Micro-video Sharing Platform User Stickiness                                        
Yan Zhang How multi-network effects impact scoping in multi-sided platform
Yifei Song The interactions between governmental venture capitalists and private venture capitalists: Evidence from China
Ying Chen the impact of digitalisation on supply chain partnership for open innovation
Yuan Liang Transform from irresponsible to responsible management
Yueqiu Hu How the ecosystem technology empowers business ecosystem: qualitative study on blockchain companies
Yujun Li Text mining on online job advertisements based on ensemble of deep learning algorithms
Zengju Fan From a Fish Village to a Hub for High-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activities- Shenzhen as a Hybrid Ecosystem
Zhe Huang  Job Advertisement and Corporate Acquisition Decisions
Zhijiao Yang Trade- and View-based Investor Sentiment and Stock Return Predictability 
Zhiyuan Jiang How to carry out financial literacy programs more effectively? 
Zhoubo Xia Innovative SMEs Financing Assessment Based On Intellectual Property Rights