Student Profiles

Nottingham University Business School China doctoral students work on various exciting, multidisciplinary, and innovative projects. The table below lists our current doctoral student and their research topics.


Year 1

Student name

Research Topics

Li Yin

Digital technologies and sustainability 


Year 2

Student name

Research Topics

Guohong Yu

Human-robot interactions in service encounters

Minghao Li The Impact of AR/VR Technology on Purchase Behavior
Hao Huang Information sharing in supply chain finance
Ge Lan Short selling and corporate risk-taking
Yang Li Digital Transformation in Family Business
Boxiang Lin Humanistic Leadership in Organization: Exploring Mechanisms and Constructing Theory
Gaicong Guo Multimodal transportation network design
Ye Yao The emergence and sustainable development of the industrial clusters in China
Shao Lin Unraveling knowledge transfer in supply chain under coopetition
Ziyi Huang What motivates impulsive buying for stray animals among Chinese consumers? The role of the attachment system
Jie Deng Digital transformation and firm performance: Evidence from China
Bingyi Ma Non-profit organization and informal information transmission and acquisitions
Xielin Chen Textual analysis of corporate finance
Yiwei Wang Exploring Better Career Planning in the Era of Big Data
Minghuan Shou Reducing the age-based digital divide: understanding the digital senior citizen in the digital economy
Yu Jin Examining the Role of Subjective Age in the Digital Services Adoption  Among Older Consumers
Yuqi Song Expected Dividend Growth Rate as a Sentiment Measure in Stock Return Prediction 
Yirong Liu Predicting bond returns with machine learning methods
Hangyu Wu Macrofinance and China DSGE model construction
Fadillah Ramadhan The optimization of humanitarian logistics
Jinyan JI Employment Protection and Executive Ownership
Mian Wu

Predicting stock returns with machine learning methods


Year 3

Student name

Research Topics

Guanqi Fu

JIT Scheduling 

Pengtao Jiang

Online consumer review cues on tourists' decision-making

Meiqi Chen Cooperation in Social Dilemmas
Zhongyuan Su Students' decision-making on overseas study
Tanguy Tresor Sindihebura The impact of goal setting on crowdfunding performance
Paulina Kus Ariningsih Optimizing Vaccine Distribution Network for Emerging Countries Under Uncertainty



Student name

Research Topics

Qinjie Yang

Regional innovation system, innovation management, social network, business group

Shiying Zheng

Platform ecosystem, complementor, entry mode, platform-based markets

Xiaofei Song Live Streaming, Customer Engagement, Team Diversity, Emotional Arousal
Jishnu Bhattacharyya Essays on the effectiveness of sustainability communication
Xiaoling Yang How job boredom develops to consequences: all about resources
Xia Chen The Role of Employer Brand on Talent Attraction at Chinese SMEs
Jianliang Li When Corporate Social Responsibility Meets Traditional Chinese Culture
Yang Xu Strategic Implications of International Relations on Chinese Corporate Finance and Governance
Fan Liu Models and algorithms for real-time traffic control on wireless charging lanes
Sirui Cheng Big Data and Textual Analysis in Finance
Xiaomeng Liu Cross-border M&As,  post-merger integration and innovation
Zhenyu Lu Uncertainty and Tail Risk in Financial Markets
Zhihao Qin  Annual report tone and divergence of opinion
Xuan Chen Study on the effect of rural finance on poverty alleviation in China