Student Profiles

Nottingham University Business School China doctoral students work on various exciting, multidisciplinary, and innovative projects. The table below lists our current doctoral student and their research topics.

Student name

Research Topics

Yali Wang

The impact of venture capital on the innovation capability of SME in China

Bo Yang

Development of humanistic leadership from a Confucian perspective

Qifan Pei

Supply chain finance efficiency and its risk management

Chunan Hu

Shadow banking activities and bank performance in China

Dinh Tam Phuc 

Executive turnover and selection in China and Vietnam

Shuning Zheng 

Blockchain: a new way to reshape the open e-logistics standards in supply chain management 

Junhui Zhang 

Recommendation system, online shopping, consumer psychology and purchase decision

Ziqi Yan 

Tourists' experience and meaning of travel: evidence from travel photographs

Tong He 

Digital innovation in subsistence marketplaces and its impacts on  consumer behavior

Wanning Li

The role of social capital in informal financing market: Evidence from China

Yuanyuan Wang

Nudging, obesity, Online take-away food choice

Dandan Ye

The exploration of the process and pace of E-business’ internationalization

Xiya Zhang

Investigating the Role of Digital Innovation in Transition of Traditional Manufacturing 

Ying Qiu

Language, voice and power: an alternative approach to critical leadership studies 

Naidan Zhang

Analyzing antecedents of stakeholders' CSR attribution

Rajan Lamuel Gaikwad 

Empirical study of employee’ social preference in the context of operations management

Zhihao Qin

Annual report tone and Divergence of opinion

Jiapei Wang

Liquidity, Liquidity Risk Premium and Stock Market Return - Evidence from Chinese Stock Market

Bilkisu Aliyu Muhammad HADEJIA  

Enabling people with IDDs to live a normal life: An exploration of the determinants of various planned behaviors.

Wen Shi

Image/ Video recognition and Mergers & Acquisitions

Daiteng Ren

The value logics of family business model and sustainability

Shengjing Yu

digital innovation and bank performance

Bojue Xu

Unravelling the Role of Artificial Intelligence and Human in Operational Decision Making: A Field Study in a B2B Sharing Economy Platform

Camen Teh

Augmented Reality in Retail 

Chenchen Weng

How do complementors make the decision of accepting the short end of the stick? A process model of the preferential treatment decision 

Dong Xu

Investigating blockchain in supply chain: social network perspective

Guanzhong Zuo

Managerial Ability and the Relationship Between Ownership Structure and R & D Stickiness – Evidence from China 

Jia Luo

Reconsideration of Working Capital Management: Supply Chain Financial Collaboration

Jianliang Li

When Corporate Social Responsibility Meets Traditional Chinese Cultures

Jiaosha Chen

Entrepreneurial networking strategy and resource mobilization

Jiayan Qiu 

Short sale and stock return in Chinese stock market

Jinyu Liang

Investor Site Visits and Corporate Decisions: a Machine Learning Approach

Linyin Xie

Stock liquidity and uncertainty in China

Mary Yewande Otitoju

Unravelling the impact of religion on female entrepreneurship

Moyi Cheng

Family Business Groups in China: Internal Markets and Firm Performance

Qing Dai

Strategic alliance from the perspective of corporate social responsibility: Alliance portfolio diversity, alliance governance structure, and alliance termination in the global context

Qinjie Yang

Knowledge linkages and innovation performance in peripheral regions – Evidence from Chinese co-patenting data

Shiying Zheng

Strategies for digital platform owners to enter complementary markets 

Wei Chang

Responses Influence Responses: Institutional Demand and Organizational Adaption

Xiaofei Song

Effect of Rivalry and Aggression Information Cues on Live Streaming Viewer Engagements

Xiaohe Wu

A review for electronic government in the IS field

Xiaoqun Wang

Investigation on Dynamic Burnout and the Intervention of Collaborative Job Crafting and Strengths Use

Xinyi Jiang 

Corporate Tax Avoidance and firm Acquisition Decisions

Xu He

Investigating User Resistance to AI Chatbot and Measures to Address It in a Customer Service Context    

Xuan Fei

Gossip Is a Double-Edged Sword: Effects on Creativity, Task Performance and Helping Behavior

Xuan Ye

Social entrepreneurship, impact investment, business model

Xue Chang 

The influence of state ownership on management efficiency, risk behaviour, and profitability under the cluster of ownership concentration and corporate headquarters

Xueqi Bao

Mobile Micro-video Sharing Platform User Stickiness                                        

Yan Zhang

How multi-network effects impact scoping in multi-sided platform

Yifei Song

Disentangle The Tripartite Interactions between Government Venture Capitalists, Private Venture Capitalists, and Ventures

Ying Chen

the impact of digitalisation on supply chain partnership for open innovation

Yuan Liang

Transform from irresponsible to responsible management

Yujun Li

Text mining on online job advertisements based on ensemble of deep learning algorithms

Yuxue Luo

Contextualising Foreign Subsidiary Governance: Antecedents and Consequences

Zengju Fan

From a Fish Village to a Hub for High-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activities- Shenzhen as a Hybrid Ecosystem

Zhe Huang 

Job Advertisement and Corporate Acquisition Decisions

Zhijiao Yang

Trade- and View-based Investor Sentiment and Stock Return Predictability 

Zhiyuan Jiang

How to carry out financial literacy programs more effectively? 

Zhoubo Xia

Innovative SMEs Financing Assessment Based On Intellectual Property Rights 

Saier Su

Family business type and family business innovation. Understanding indirectly established family business and their innovation behavior

Tian Xiao

Walk the Walk: In Promoting Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting and its Authenticity

Xinbing Gu

Antecedents and impacts of supply chain resilience of logistics firms

Min Guo

Optimisation and operational strategies for the integrated reusable transport item sharing platform

Xuan Chen

Study on the effect of rural finance on poverty alleviation in China

Sen Lin

When edge computing meets operations and supply chain management: adoption, impact and workload allocation

Meiqi Chen

An investigation of cooperation in social dilemma: the role of contextual factors

Yuchen Zhao

Corporate Fraud Prediction with Machine Learning Methods

Xiaoxiang Xu

The Adoption by Chinese Older Adults of Health Apps and Wearable Health Devices

Ziyi Zhong

Container truck scheduling for the exporter and the third-party platform under uncertainties

Xiaohui Lu

Impacts of urban flood on surface road networks: The case of Chinese cities

Yingying Lu

How to construct transformative resilience to achieve innovation: building resourcefulness driven by digital technology

Anqi Hu

“Liking” or “wanting”, not sure about it: an investigation into loneliness coping through an incentive sensitisation lens

Jiadong Peng

Knowledge spillover and firm performance

Yinning Zhang

The information shock of Google’s withdrawal and investment efficiency in China

Zhenyu Lu

Uncertainty and Tail Risk in Financial Markets

Jianda Bi

Mandatory disclosure, Investments Efficiency, and Learning

Yifan Zhan

Can geographic and institutional dispersions protect CEOs from being fired?

Wen Xu

Discover employee and customer relationship: employee response to customer mistreatment

Yajie Qiu

Economic uncertainty and asset prices

Hao Zheng

Agility development: orchestrating various resources

Shuwen Ye

Impact of being included in the Entity List on Firm Innovation

Sirui Cheng

The Role of Corporate Culture in Trade War: Evidence from China

Na Shan

Internationalization and Overseas Market Cognition of Chinese Film

Yifan Zhou

Essays on what shapes the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Financial Performance (CFP) relationship

Furong Jia

E-commerce gamification: Panacea or poison?

Cenhua Lyu

Online travel experience: Conceptualization, scale development, and validation

Xia Chen

The Role of Employer Brand on Talent Attraction at Chinese SMEs

Jing Bai

Career Crafting for People with Visual Impairment (PVI) - the Effect of Future Time Perspective-Based Career Intervention

Yang Xu

Foreign policy divergence and corporate activities: Evidence from subsidiaries of Chinese multinationals

Fan Liu

Models and algorithms for the management of traffic flows with wireless charging lanes

Yueying Guan

TMT's CPC membership and its effect on firm's FDI location choice and expansion speed

Yiyu Wang

Corporate governance, stakeholder configurations and corporate sustainability

Tingting Wang

Motivations of the Elderly’s Participation in Online Communities

Zhongyuan Su

International student mobility in exchange programmes to/from China.

Wenjie Ye

Effects of Responsible Leadership on Employee Innovative Work Behavior

Huihua Jiang

Creating Family-like Company Culture: The Role of Paternalistic Leadership

Jia Xu

The influence of body images in travel photo on destination attitudes: the effects of self-presentation, social comparison, and envy

Shiwei Cui

How Cultural Festival promotes sustainable development of destination by strengthening tourists' attachment

Ziqi Liu

Non-proportional thinking in china's stock market

Guanqi Fu

JIT Scheduling Models and Algorithms for the Cloud Manufacturing Platform

Xiaoling Yang

How Job Boredom Develops to  contrasting consequences: all about resources

Jie Zhou

The Application of Blockchain in the Supply Chain Management

Yaqing Huang

Intra-organizational Coopetition: The case study of a giant state-owned enterprise in South China

Peiran Huang

The Impact of Changes in Family Members on Household Consumption in China

Xiaomeng Liu

EMNEs’ Innovation in The Context of Reverse Mergers & Acquisitions

Xiao Tan

The influence of mentoring on employee turnover intention in the hospitality industry in China

Ningyi Hou

Why not judge a video with its cover: a technical relationship in video visual attributes

Zhiqin Ni

Break the dilemma: an innovative reverse logistic network model on e-waste in China

Andrey Ilin

An emotional labour perspective on affective reactions and inferential processing of emotional visua

David Ji

Unpacking the Black Box of Online Misinformation: A Nuanced Conceptualization & The Role of Social Media in the Development of Conspiracy Theories

Jishnu Bhattacharya

Unravelling the effectiveness of Sustainability Performance Communication

Paulina Kus  Ariningsih

Healthcare Supply Chain Optimization in Emerging Countries during High Dynamics and Uncertainty of Epidemic Conditions

Wenling Jin

Live Streaming as a Means for E-commerce

Lili Gu

A study of Online Learning Design, Interaction and Effectiveness for Business Education in China

Ling Miao

Rural Consumption Upgrading within the Context of “Internet Plus”—Taking Zhejiang as an Example

Yuanzhi Nan

How Incumbent firms maneuver across the digital ecosystems to resecure customer loyalty: the role of digital-enabled service innovation

Ruoting Zhi

Knowledge Hiding among Chinese EMNE Expatriates

Jinyan Ji

Employment Protection and Trade Credit

Xilin Wu

Location-based Mobile Marketing With Social Labeling

Linya Cui

Understanding the Effects of Embeddedness for Older and Younger Workers during Intra-Organizational Job Changes

Jiayu Wang

Mapping Material Cycles, Environmental Impacts and Economic Effects of Critical Chemicals in China for Chemical Management

Boyi Jin

How to build trust in AI-based system in B2B service market, a case of programmatic advertising

Linshan Fu

To Succeed or Fail? A Study of Culturally Diverse Teams

Pengtao Jiang

How do External Cues Impact on Decision-making Process of Tourism Consumption on Short Video Apps: The Applications of Behavioral and Neuroscience Methods

Hangyu Wu

Macro uncertainty and the Chinese futures market

Shuhui Luo

The Successful Role of Digital Servitization on Vertical Collaboration for Innovation

Xiao Zeng

Unravelling Digital Technologies for Inclusive Development of BOP Groups

Xiaoyi Luo

Basis-Momentum in the Chinese Commodity Futures Markets

Yunxiao Yang

The Development of the Audit Oversight System in China

Sichu Xiong

The role of digital capability in buyer-supplier relationships: Looking at the bright and dark sides

Yirong Liu

Risk modeling in financial markets

Shanyueer Huang

Consumers’ perceptions of authenticity through the lens of virtual avatars

Ruiyi Luo

Upgrading in GVC and GIVC with two-way FDI: the Conceptual Framework and firm-level Empirical Analysis of Big Health Industry in China

Lin Shi

Digitally Enabled Strategic Human Capital Resource: How do Firms Deploy Human Capital Resource to Achieve Competitive Advantage

Yuling Wang

Expatriate Academics’ Cross-cultural Adaptation in Chinese Transnational Higher Education

Yiwei Wang

Career Planning in the Era of Big Data

Ge Lan

The Effect of Metering Problems on Analysts Forecasts

Youni Miao

Platform Dependent Entrepreneurs: How the Power Asymmetry Against the Platform Affects the Entrepreneurial Opportunity Actualization Process of Platform Dependent Entrepreneurs

Shun Lu

Relationship banking and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Yiran Gao

Government intervention and resource misallocation: Mechanisms and Evidence from China

Chenxi Ma

Responding to paradoxical organisational demands emerging in fair AI-powered organisational talent recruitment

Lisen Lin

Chinese Rural Revitalization in the post-pandemic era: the role of rural entrepreneurship

Lu Chen

Growth right now or later: empirical research of growth-profit relationship for professional digital content creators

Bojie Sun

Conditional CAPM: Based on Frequency Domain

Sicong Zhang

Reconceptualising and Redirecting Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Sustainable Supply Chain Finance

Shiqi Bai

Investigating the Role of Text-image Relationships in Fake News on Social Media

Xiang Chen

Experiential learning in accounting education: Court hearing

Tanguy Sindihebura

The Impact of goal setting on crowdfunding performance

Yiyan Qian

Asset pricing in financial market

Mian Wu

Firm connection and equity return predictability – Evidence from China

Ruining Cao

Prediction of Startups’ Subsequent Investment Based on A Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network Model

Yuqi Song

Use sentiment factor to predict stock bubbles for each S&P 500 component

Fadillah Ramadhan

The optimization of humanitarian logistics