Inspiring people

The UNNC Faculty of Science and Engineering has a huge number of exceptional academic staff working with us. They deliver world-class teaching and research, which inspires students, government policy and world-changing technologies and ideas.


Adam Rushworth

Excelling at teaching and local engagement

Matthew Pike

Practicing constructivist teaching

Jian Yang

Providing quality teaching and supervision to students

Jim Greer

Contributing to the development of chip industry

Philip Hall

Valuing industrial experiences and benefit to teaching

Xu Sun

Inspiring students with the human-centred product design

Yixiang Xu

The greatest scientist are artists as well

Yung-Tsang Chen

Engineering education benefit students for life

Andrea Palmioli

Brings a new direction in heritage resource management in China

Wu Deng

Sustainable building experts work towards carbon peak and carbon neutrality

Vladimir Brusic

Promotes the development of immuno-informatics

Richard Rankin

Benefiting students with rich international work experience

Weizhuo Shi

Developing sustainable construction materials and safeguarding bridges

Anthony Bellotti

Work on fintech to help smart finance in Ningbo