To promote e-reading at the university, the Kindle Loan Service is introduced by The Library. There are three types of Kindle devices available for loan at library enquiries desk.

•      6 Kindles (Paperwhite) pre-loaded with 6 different categories of 300 e-books (Chinese and English).

•      10 Kindles (Paperwhite) subscribed to Kindle unlimited.

•      15 Kindles (Oasis) subscribed to Kindle unlimited.

Loan conditions

•      You must be one of the university staff and student members with a valid University Card

•      You will be fined if Kindle devices are returned late

•      Kindles can only be returned at library enquiry desk

•      You will be charged for any loss or damage to kindle devices. The fine is equivalent to the actual replacement cost plus a processing fee and any outstanding overdue fines

•      You are not allowed to download and delete any titles on Kindle devices

Loan policy

•      1 kindle per person at a time

•      7 days as standard loan period

•      Auto-renewed every day until it reaches 2 months if there is no request

•      10RMB/ day for overdue fine

E-book Recommendation

•      You are welcome to recommend Kindle eBooks on Amazon China exclusively