For Students

As a general rule, UNNC students are not required to purchase textbooks mandatorily.

Need help finding affordable textbooks and other assigned course materials? You might be able to access what you need through the library.

Check your syllabus or ASO Moodle page to find more details on what's required.

  • Use NUsearch to look for a required book by title, author, or ISBN. We often have multiple editions of course-related books available in print and online formats.
  • Place book orders on your own. One option is to order on CamBook, an online bookstore platform, for print and electronic textbook resources. For the user guides, please click here. Contact:


For Instructors

Library will purchase books, e-books and textbooks for library reference books when possible.

  • Please allow extra time for ordering, shipping and cataloguing when an item must be purchased. Items that must be purchased from international sources may arrive with significant delays.
  • Please be aware that many commercially available e-books are not available for purchase by libraries.  This is generally true for materials produced by most textbook publishing houses.

Time for collecting textbook orders

Due to complicated import procedures, the arrival time of printed imported publications is approximately 3 to 4 months. Module conveners are advised to submit textbook orders timely to their faculty offices in the following periods of time.

  • May for the next autumn semester
  • November for the next spring semester

Staff copy

Staff copies are physical textbooks purchased for use by instructors in preparation for class. Please be sure to specify the number of staff copies you require when submitting your textbook order. Please check with your faculty office to see if the purchase of staff copies can be covered by the faculty budget or not.

Textbook Policy

Find out more about Textbook Policy.