Reproductions of ancient chinese classics

A grant of 13396-volume collection of Reproductions of Ancient Chinese Classics (Zhonghua zaizao shanben) has been made available for access since 2016.

The grant of this precious collection, which costs over 6 million RMB, was made by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The original works that have been reproduced are not easy for ordinary readers and even scholars to access, since they are scattered in many different types of libraries and museums within and out of China. The Chinese Government spent over six years to reproduce the best and earliest surviving editions of Chinese ancient classics in good quality and limited copies, which covers all subject areas. UNNC Library is the only local institution that has this special honour to preserve and provide access to the collection, which compliments the feature of our whole collection – the uniqueness both in Western collection and Chinese collection.

special collection

Staff and students can use the collection for research purposes by appointment. Please contact staff at library enquiries desk or email Library for booking 1 working day in advance.