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Access Services

The Access Services Team is committed to facilitate the access to library collections. We provide frontline services in the library and are trained to help with a wide range of enquiries and work with colleagues across The Library to provide a comprehensive service.

We actively promote and support the use of print and digital resources, a range of lending services, specialist library equipment such as Kindle and IT resources such as laptops and print and copy. We also ensure that the library provides the right environment to support your studies.

You will find us throughout the library providing help where it’s needed. Alternatively, you can phone or email for help and support.

Content and Discovery

The Content & Discovery team provides the essential services of Collection Management, Metadata and Open Access Management, along with Digital Library Support. We aim to build the best possible collection to meet the information needs of library users and to develop and integrate services enabling access to scholarly resources and services.

Collection Management:

  • Acquisitions of all formats of information resources through purchase, lease and other access methods.
  • Collection management and development, selection, and evaluation of library materials.

Metadata and Open Access Management:

  • Selects print and digital materials and makes them more discoverable.
  • Manages the publications data within institution repository.
  • Provides support on copyright and open access management.

Digital Library Support

  • Provides seamless user access to library resources in the discovery layer.
  • Manages library systems to ensure successful delivery of integrated services.
  • You are welcome to suggest a book order via  Resource Suggestions. For any specific enquiries, please contact us via

Culture & Engagement

The Culture & Engagement team co-ordinates engagement and communication with all stakeholders in order to best Library services:

Administrative Support - visitor reception, professional service communication, associate account management, etc.

Student and Staff Engagement - activities & events organizing, scholarly communication, satisfactory survey, etc.

Positioning, Branding and Marketing - website management, newsletter and social media, digital exhibition, etc.

Learning Technologies

The Learning Technologies team supports staff and students in effective and innovative approaches to the use of digital technologies and resources, for teaching, learning, assessment and research. Our approach to digital learning and use of innovative and emerging technologies ensure that our students have a high-quality learning experience. We are committed to promoting best practice and deliver innovative digital learning reflecting the quality and breadth of academic expertise at our institution.

We provide guidance, training and support on a number of educational tools and pedagogical approaches facilitating online assessments, online/hybrid teaching, promoting student engagement and collaboration as well as developing engaging teaching materials. We disseminate best practice through staff development, designated community of practice events and student digital literacy training.

Some of the main technologies and approaches we support include the following:

  • Learning management system
  • Online teaching apps
  • Lecture capture and recording platform
  • Audience response and interactive presentation tool
  • Interactive activity design tool
  • Online assessment systems
  • Multimedia and peer review assessments
  • AR/VR/XR education
  • Classroom technology solutions

Reach out to us on for any queries.

Research & Learning Services

The Research and Learning Services team offers support to researchers at all points of their careers. We work with faculty to provide training and advocacy on open access, copyright, bibliometrics and bibliographic software. The Research and Learning Services team also teaches information and digital literacy skills to students and staff in lectures, workshops and online.

We support academics through the research lifecycle by:

  • Providing advocacy and training for Open Access publishing, including Nottingham ePrints
  • Delivering training in bibliometrics, publication, copyright and bibliographic software
  • Arranging visits from external database publishers
  • Supporting global research themes through research consultation
  • Faculty engagement
  • Interlibrary loans for research

Please visit the research support details via the link here. 

We also support taught students through programmes of information and digital skills:

  • Induction Sessions
  • Embedded sessions for UG and PG modules
  • Research specialist training
  • LRLR NOOC (online courses)
  • Faculty and Graduate School programmes
  • Guest trainings

Please visit the training details via the link here.