Dr Bo Li receives Ningbo Commonweal Programme fund


In July 2022, Associate Professor Dr Bo Li in the Department of Civil Engineering at UNNC was awarded a research fund from the Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau under Commonweal Programme.

Dr Bo Li is the principal investigator of the ningbo commonweal project titled “production of artificial aggregate from excavated soil and alkali-activated slag”.

“With the rapid urbanization and industrialization in China, a huge amount of solid waste has been produced in the past decades, particularly for the excavated soil. This imposes a heavy burden on the environment due to the lack of efficient recycling technologies.” Dr Bo Li explained. “Meanwhile, the construction industry is facing the problem of natural aggregate shortage. There is a high demand on finding sustainable ways to produce high-quality artificial aggregates in the construction industry.”

“This project aims to turn construction waste and industrial by-products into eco-friendly artificial aggregates through an alkaline activation technology.” Dr Bo Li summarized. "The implementation of this project will build an important foundation for the construction waste disposal and artificial aggregate production, and the technology investigated in this project will also contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality in the construction industry.”