The FoSE Faculty Education and Student Experience Board (FESEB) is a Sub-Committee of UNNC Campus Teaching Committee (CTC) and the FoSE Faculty Management Board. Its remit is to focus on the implementation of the UNNC Campus Development Plan for ESE, and is responsible for developing, monitoring and reviewing, at Faculty level, the policies and procedures relating to Education and Student Experience. 

The FoSE Faculty Education and Student Experience Committee (FESEC) is a Sub-Committee the FoSE Faculty Education and Student Experience Board (FESEB). Whereas FESEB operates at a strategic level for the Faculty, FESEC is more focused on operational and implementational issues. FESEC also provides advice and data to FESEB. Fundamentally, goals and ambitions from Faculty (from Faculty Management Board, FMB, through FESEB) and Campus (from Campus Teaching Committee, CTC, through FESEB) can be passed to FESEC for implementation and realisation. 

Name  Role               Office Number    Email                         
Dave Towey Associate Dean of Education and Student Experience PMB333 
Andrea Palmioli  Director of Teaching, Architecture and Built Environment PMB434
Anthony Bellotti Director of Teaching, Computer Science  PMB419 
Bencan Tang Faculty Director for Further Study and Careers PMB436
Bo Li Director of Teaching, Civil Engineering PMB340
Chengheng Pang Director of Teaching, Chemical and Environmental Engineering PMB332
Gavin Lai  Faculty Director of Staff Teaching Development and Training PMB313 Gavin.
Jian Yang Director of Teaching, Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering PMB436
Jianfeng Ren FESEC Faculty Director of Undergraduate Research PMB445
John Xu Director of Teaching, Electrical and Electronic Engineering  IAMET228R2
Matthew Pike Faculty Digital Learning Director PMB435
Mattia Miani Deputy Head of Teaching & Learning for Preliminary Year Content Trent382
Ping Fu Course Director of Environmental Science  PMB435
Richard Rankin Director of Teaching, Mathematical Sciences PMB328
Pushpendu Kar FESEC Student Engagement and Feedback Officer PMB448
Sherif Welsen Faculty Senior Tutor PMB102
Yixiang Xu Director of Teaching, Aerospace IAMET205R
Zoe Wang Faculty Office Manager, Secretary to FESEB PMB416
Robin Hong Faculty Operations Director PMB414
Siyi Fang PGT student rep
Jiayu WAN Undergraduate student rep