Zeyang Wang - 2020 Li Yip Yio Chin Scholarship Holder


Zeyang Wang


I remembered the day when I was informed that I had got the Li Yip Yio chin Scholarship. Glory and happiness filled my heart and I was determined that I would devote myself to learning and making progress. Before I came to this fabulous campus, I had wonderful imagination regarding my university life as well as my future. And I am happy to say, these expectations are stepping to be the reality. I have met a number of classmates who are full of enthusiasm and energy, chasing their dreams with substantial action. I have also met lots of fantastic tutors, who are fairly responsible for students’ study, guiding us with creative and critical minds. Frankly speaking, this semester is more than fantastic, through which I have acquired not only knowledge but also friendship and unique British education experience.

LI YIP Yio Chin Full Scholarship is the highest academic honor bestowed by the university on undergraduates, and such a high amount of scholarship is rare in other universities in China. Winning this scholarship means not only an honor but also responsibility and obligation simultaneously.

As we can see, the world is facing unprecedented challenges. Due to the epidemic and other destabilizing factors among the international relationships, the sino-foreign cooperation education model is undergoing the test of the time. As the pioneer of this great attempt, UNNC has used its practical action to demonstrate its qualification. Based on the trust and expectation, we made our choice to come to UNNC, which is also our declaration that we, the new generation of youth in China’s new era, have been ready to face all of the problems and obstacles, and overcome them in the future.

Choosing UNNC means choosing more possibilities, and being chosen by LI YIP Yio Chin Scholarship, means being placed great hopes on. I will do my best to hold this holy honor for the rest 3 years, and make myself much stronger to undertake my solemn promise of my bright future.

 I will never be regretful of choosing UNNC, and I believe we will never let UNNC down for choosing us. The city is built on wisdom, so is our university and ourselves.