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Pursue the dreams and always be greatful


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Shao Yifei: “Winning the Golden Intern Award hasn’t been about showing off the label. My intent in participating has been to break the stereotype that being a graduate leads to unemployment for international studies students. But, there are countless choices ahead of us. As long as we step branch out purely studies, we have countless possibilities. Thanks again for the support and encouragement from friends at the DC Think Tank and the staff at the UNNC Career and Employment Service Office!”

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Brightening the Future: originated from the summer social practice (SSP) Program. With the ongoing development of the volunteer projects, student participation in civic engagement has been enriched to the benefit of them and project stakeholders. The projects are varied, and include  large-scale competitions and high-level conferences, research on animal and plant protection, study of traditional Chinese culture and more.

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Asian Games 2


Tianning Shao - President Award

Tianning Shao, a graduate of Architectural Environment Engineering, received first prize with a paper that he selected and co-wrote in the just-concluded global authoritative academic conference of SDEWES. His excellent research collaboration has won him offers from world-class universities.

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