Yue Zhao - Tu Hai Ming PhD Scholarship winner



I appreciate being awarded Tu Haiming Scholarship 2020 of the PhD research program “Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Power”. In April this year, I happened to find this doctoral program on the university’s website, and the topic of the program happened to be the academic field that I was very interested in.

The connection between international politics and cultural communication gives rise to more meaningful exploration space. My background is closely related to communication, especially film studies, and I have always paid attention to soft power. Therefore, I really hope to study the relationship between soft power and Chinese cinema to explore more connections between politics and films. During my master study, I had a wonderful learning experience in UNNC. Consequently, I am very lucky to continue my passionate exploration of the academic field in my favorite campus. This doctoral program gives me this lucky opportunity. Thanks again for Mr. Tu Haiming’s donation and the support of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. I will cherish this invaluable learning opportunity and enjoy my doctoral research in this attractive campus.