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 The Professional Education and Training (PET) team at CELE UNNC offers a wide range of courses for corporate clients and partner institutions, including English for Specific Purposes and teacher training.

The team is responsible for developing commercial courses and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as strengthening connections and contributing to the society of our host city.

We also contribute to raising the standards of English Language Teaching throughout China through our charitable projects for teachers in rural areas.



Deputy Head's Welcome Note


Shayna Kozuch
As Deputy Head at CELE and Director of External Programmes and Pathways, I am pleased to introduce to you the portfolio of projects and programmes delivered by the Professional Education and Training team.
Our mission at CELE is to provide teaching and learning activities that bring benefit to the wider community.  We aim to do this by reaching far beyond the boundaries of the university and continually seeking to broaden our partnerships and client base.  We are able to do this through the hard work of our highly talented and dedicated faculty and staff.  We have a highly diverse and hugely experienced teaching team at CELE, with members of staff from over 20 countries.   
We look forward to welcoming you to CELE as a member of one of our programmes.  

Shayna Kozuch
Deputy Head of CELE, PET and External Pathways 

Teacher Training

CELE delivers world-class English teacher training programs to teachers, education professionals and school managers.

Outreach programme

We are committed to training excellent rural English teachers, improving rural education, and helping to equalize education.


Summer at UNNC

UNNC summer school contains academic English programmes and subject-specific taster sessions which will help prepare you for university, whether you intend to study at home or abroad.

IELTS Course

CELE IELTS courses are designed by experienced IELTS examiners. They are tailored to the level of the students, and range from one to three weeks in length.


Medical English Training

Medical English Training at CELE is to help doctors enhance professional and accurate English communication.

English for Professional Communication

CELE has delivered tailored English courses to various companies and organisations with Professional Communication needs.



Contact us

If you are interested into our training programmes, please feel free to contact us.


Email: CELEPET@nottingham.edu.cn

Professional Education and Training Team,

Centre for English Language Education,

University of Nottingham Ningbo China