UNNC Summer School 2023

A Truly Meaningful University Experience

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Summer School 2023 


Why spend your summer at UNNC?


Improve transferable skills

You will develop academic English, study techniques and presentation skills in the morning, and learn new subject knowledge in afternoon workshops from top academics.

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 Develop self-confidence

Two weeks in an immersive English environment will make you more well-rounded and confident, and comfortable working across cultures, giving you a head start at university.


Guide your choices

Our University Admissions Series will help you make better decisions, and the projects allow students to sample different subjects, ensuring your choices are right for you.



Enhance your competence

The core competencies for the university-level study will be fully enhanced, and you will receive official certification, and top performers also get awards with personalised letters of recommendation.



Make new friends

You will meet like-minded students from across China! We have planned lots of fun activities; sports tasters, movie night, a talent show...and more! 


Our Summer School Courses

Academic English

These classes are tailored towards preparing students with the academic English skills that will help them to be successful at university. Students will develop new reading strategies, learn how to give an excellent university presentation and improve the standard of their academic writing. 

Subject Workshops

Students can engage in academic projects, expand the breadth and depth of their knowledge and enhance their personal competitiveness by participating in content modules.

Applicants will learn three modules:

  • Economics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Business & Finance

Liberal Arts Interactive Workshops

Star teachers of UNNC and industry leaders will deliver speeches concerning academic frontiers and interact with students.

Sports, Culture and Self-Study

In the evenings, we will help students to relax with optional sports, cultural events and other activities for a more rounded university experience, ensuring that their time at UNNC is as enjoyable as possible. Students can also access UNNC's world-class online resources to reflect on the day's classes and autonomously advance their learning from our library's dedicated self-study room, giving them a more authentic, comprehensive experience of university study.


Three Content Modules

Principles of Economics: Thinking Like an Economist

  • Principles of Economics
  • The Forces of Supply and Demand
  • Equilibrium

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

  • VR&AR
  • The Tools behind a VR Simulation
  • Building your Simulation

Business & Finance

  • Essential Foundations of Finance
  • Introduction to Financial Investment and Accounting
  • Statistics and Data Analytics for Business and Economic

*Course content may be subject to change




Academic English

Key Learning Outcomes

Speaking and Presentations

  • Structure and deliver a university presentation
  • Prepare for and participate in university seminars


  • Prepare for and follow an academic lecture 
  • Take notes of the key ideas
  • Summarize ideas


  • Use strategies to read and understand academic texts


  • Structure and write a university-level cohesive and coherent paragraph using academic conventions
  • Receive writing feedback from a university lecturer to improve academic writing

Academic Skills

  • Understand and practise research in the UNNC Library Skills 
  • Use online catalogues to search for sources
  • Use software effectively for academic study


Click to download our brochure for more details


* If you can't download it, please contact summerschools@nottingham.edu.cn 



At the end of the course, all students will receive a certificate of completion from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, to reward them for their hard work and progress over the two weeks. This can act as evidence of curiosity and commitment to study, which can be very useful when applying for university in the United Kingdom.


Prizes and Awards

During the closing ceremony, all students will receive a special, personalised letter of recommendation from an academic. There will be awards for exceptional performance during the course, and the winning students will be presented with awards mentioned below.


* Criteria for the awards will be clearly defined in the handbook given to all students.

Academic Excellence Award:  For the best group presentations at the end of each summer school course.

English Achievement Award:  For the three highest scores in the Academic English test at the end of the course.

Professors’ Choice Award:  For the three best contributions to each summer school course, as voted for by the tutors.


Sign up and Contact us 

If this sounds like a great way to spend your summer, don't hesitate to join us! This is a highly competitive programme, and all applicants will have to pass an interview with an international interviewer to secure a spot.

Dates: 23rd July – 5th August, 2023

Ages: 15-18

Capacity : 90 students 

Fee: 24,800RMB 


Application Deadline:

Phase 1 Submission Deadline: 29th March, 2023

*Students who applied in Phase 1 can enjoy three UNNC online classes (Valid for a year)

Phase 2 Submission Deadline: 16th June, 2023

* All applicants must have English level of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. If a student does not have recognised certification for English, UNNC will assess their level during the interview.


Contact Us 

Email: summerschools@nottingham.edu.cn