Pre-arrival Programme




The Pre-arrival Programme is an online informative course, designed primarily for Preliminary Year students prior to the beginning of the autumn semester. It provides you with essential information about study and life at UNNC. You will be able to start the course once you have received the offer package.


Explore the differences between life and studying between high school and university

The video demonstrates 24 hours in the life of a student in her high school and in UNNC. 


Aims of this programme

The Pre-arrival Programme aims to

·         Introduce you to the academic experience and living environment of a British university.

·         Help you to achieve a smooth transition from high school to university.

What can be learnt from this course?

By taking the time to complete the course, you will

·         Learn the differences between life and studying between high school and university

·         Learn what to expect inside and outside the classroom

·         Develop skills and strategies for academic success

·         Find out more about the campus culture at UNNC

·         Feel prepared and confident to start your university



The online course will introduce you to the topics below:

·         Academic transition

Learn more about what academic study looks like at UNNC, including the arrangements of seminars, the meaning of academic writing and speaking, the strategies and skills for academic success, and some other relevant information and resources for your academic study.  

·         Technological transition

Learn about essential e-learning tools that will be used at UNNC, and useful applications that will help you to organize your studies.

·         Social transition

Learn about the social cultures at UNNC and explore ways to maintain social relationships with students and tutors at UNNC.

·         Personal growth

Learn about how to be an independent and responsible university student, reflecting on the strategies you use for managing your personal life and study.  


How to access

Pre-arrival Progamme will be available from the middle of August on CELE_UNNC WeChat account (please scan the QR code below).


You will be able to access new posts two to three times a week. We encouraged you to interact with other students and leave your comments there.

If you have any enquiries about the pre-arrival arrangements, please contact:

Emma Huang

Tel: +86 (0)574 8818 0000 ext.8388