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CELE Outreach Teacher Training

In 2017, the Centre for English Language Education of the University of Nottingham Ningbo launched the Outreach Teacher Training Project, a training charity for rural teachers aiming to enhance the English level and teaching skills of primary and middle school English teachers in rural and underdeveloped areas.

We are committed to training excellent rural English teachers, improving rural education, and helping to equalize education. Also, by bringing online classes to these areas, and going to rural areas for teaching, the project helps teachers to better adapt to the challenges brought by digitalized teaching. Over the past five years, the project has benefited more than 270 teachers in rural and underdeveloped areas


Prior Outreach Teacher Training Programmes

Outreach合影 2017
CELE Outreach Teacher Training 2017


In early December 2017, the CELE outreach team took a journey to distant Yuanqu, a small and underdeveloped county in Shanxi province. They went to provide a free teacher training programme for about 50 Yuanqu English teachers. All of the teaching methods contributed to a fruitful learning experience for Yuanqu teachers. They enjoyed the classes and were fully engaged. Teaching and learning is two-way street: It was a touching experience for both trainees and tutors, and is expected to benefit Yuanqu students as well.  

In 2018, a team of teachers of CELE provided customised English public service training to 135 English teachers from rural areas in Ningbo and national poverty-stricken counties such as Jingyuan in Gansu, Guangchang in Jiangxi, Zunyi in Guizhou and Yongde in Yunnan. Due to economic and educational constraints, many rural English teachers in poor counties did not come from a professional English background and it was difficult for them to have access to high quality training courses. The curriculum design made the rural teachers exclaim that English could be taught in this way!

Outreach合影 2018
CELE Outreach Teacher Training 2018


CELE outreach teaching programme 2019
CELE Outreach Teacher Trainning 2019
In August 2019, 32 teachers from around the nation attended the 2019 UNNC Summer Outreach Teacher Training Project. UNNC will continuously endevour to fully support teachers from rural or underdeveloped areas by enhancing their English language proficiency, improving teaching techniques and expanding their international horizons. In this way, UNNC and its partners hope to contribute to education equality and poverty alleviation in China.


Chunhui School ESL Teacher Development Programmes

From February 2018 to January 2019, we delivered a series of fortnightly teacher development sessions to teachers of English at Chunhui School.


Remarks form our Trainees

  • “Combination of the teaching practice (for detailed analysis and guidance from different aspects of teaching content” and coaching courses (for teachers from the perspective of education and psychology) were very beneficial.”
  • “Not only gained some theoretical knowledge of teaching method, but also learned how to promptly encourage and affirm students in the classroom. Especially how to get along with students and be a coaching teacher and a teacher who is constantly learning. Thank you UNNC!”
  • “Firstly, purely English sessions stimulates learning motivation in a short time, and improves listening ability. I have met several very good foreign tutors, and communicating with them also helps us to digest knowledge, I was encouraged to express myself. Secondly, I was inspired by the knowledge and content I’ve learned.”
  • “It was a challenge for me to study in a class taught in English for the first time, but I also learned a lot, mainly to stimulate me to learn.”


For UNNC Students


Spring Hope

Since March 2017 until now, every semester we offer a short training course in basic teaching skills to students who volunteer to teach the children at Chunhui School in the Spring Hope Project.



The same training course offered to Spring Hope volunteers is also offered to volunteer student teachers in summer programmes such as the SSP programme organized by the YVA and the AISEC programme. 



We also offer an NAA module, Reflective Practice in Volunteer Teaching, to student volunteer teachers every semester.