International Business and Management



As a part of Nottingham University Business School China, the Department of International Business and Management (IBM) is composed of faculty members specialising in:


  • Internatinal Business
  • Organisational Studies and Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategy
  • Business Law

We are dedicated to excellent teaching, top quality research and extensive business community outreach

We are fully committed to constantly improving every aspect of what we do with international outlook, innovative spirit and interactive methods. 

Lei Li

Dr Lei Li

Head of Department

International Business and Management 


We are committed to research projects which are rigorous and relevant. We pursue world-class research outputs as reflected by academic and/or social impact.

Teaching and Learning

We place great emphasis on innovative and interactive teaching methods. We pursue highest-level performance in enriching learning experiences on both degree and executive education programmes.


We have an internationally diverse group of faculty members who are highly experienced, knowledgeable and globally minded.