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Finance, Accounting and Economics


The Department of Finance, Accounting and Economics plays an important part in the School's teaching programmes and offers a wide range of modules in finance, accounting and Economics-related subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We are dedicated to:

  • Excellent teaching of Finance, Accounting and Economics courses with an international focus

  • Top quality research with managerial implications for global and Chinese contexts

  • Extensive outreach to the Finance, Accounting and Economics community, especially in China/Asia

We are fully committed to constantly improving every aspect of what we do, with an international outlook, innovative spirit and interactive methods. 


Dr Wei Huang

Head of Department Finance, Accounting and Economics



The Department of FAE is committed to undertaking cutting-edge academic research that also informs policy and businesses.

Teaching and Learning


We place great emphasis on teaching and we have highly experienced and knowledgeable department members.



Our international faculty is recognised worldwide for learning and teaching.