Teacher Training and Consultancy for Schools

The Teacher Training and Consultancy for Schools Programme are jointly implemented by our School of Education and English (EDEN) and Centre of English language Education (CELE). UNNC delivers world-class consultancy and training programs to the Chinese education sector, with a particular emphasis on International and Bilingual schools. Our goal is to use our extensive experience and expertise in internationalised education to make a meaningful contribution to Chinese society.  To date, UNNC has trained thousands of teachers, education professionals and school managers, and we will continue to share our education consultation and curriculum development resources.

All of our programmes are available online, face-to-face, or as blended learning. 

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Teacher Training and Professional Development
Consultancy Programmes for International and Bilingual Schools
Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs)


Partner Institutions
• Beijing Normal University • Beijing Institute of Education • Ningbo Education Bureau
• Ningbo Institute of Education • High School Affiliated to the University of Nottingham Ningbo China • Affliated High School to Communication University of China

• Beijing Haidian Teacher Training Institute

• Beijing Dongcheng Teacher Training Institute

 • Chengdu Wesminster School



Remarks from Our Trainees

'The most impressive is the way you gave the lessons. You not only taught but also showed how to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere and how to motivate and engage students in group work in different ways. We love the demos, which are really practical and clear. I believe we shall remember being a pilot or a policeman for a long time. We also get confidence to speak English when we were told we are enough. I have to say that we love the micro teaching part, it is a marvelous way to review what we learnt though we could have spent the night enjoying the seafood or a boat tour along the river.

Besides, it is a smart idea to have different teachers to cover different topics. In this way, we had the opportunity to get to know so many excellent teachers of different styles. Some are gentle and nice, some are energetic and humorous. But all of you are dedicated, responsible and charming. We feel close to you even though we’ve just known each other for several days, or even several hours.

For me, personally, as a teacher, the highest or best praise for me from my students would be like “I would like to be a person like you in the future.” And today we want to say that we would like to be teachers like you.'


'We have learned a lot during the 5 days. We’ve been introduced to different approaches to teaching, some of which have been devalued in classroom teaching practices, like using games or drama. We have acquired a knowledge of action research, which offers a new perspective on how to improve the effectiveness of teaching.

But more importantly, this is a great opportunity to reflect. We have been guided to think about “what makes a lesson outstanding”, to focus on providing the most effective learning environment for our students, and to take another look at teachers’and students’ responsibilities, considering how to facilitate learning and improve student achievement, thereby making them autonomous learners.

Besides, we get to know our fellow teachers, who face the same problems in teaching as we do.

And this project provides an occasion for communication and exchange of ideas. So we are able to learn from each other.

Now we are going back to work, better equipped. We know that education is a bridge between potentiality and actuality. And yes, there is no one “right” way to do this, but now we have the confidence to create inclusive classrooms that build upon students’ cultural background and experiences to cater to their individual needs and help them to succeed.

Well, it’s been a privilege to be involved in this exciting project. So finally on behalf of my fellow trainees, I would like to say thank you to everyone on the team for your help, your support and your dedication.'