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The Executive Education Programme is mainly implemented by Nottingham University Business School China (NUBS China). With a global mindset, NUBS China executive education equips business leaders with a blend of business theories and applications that empower your businesses with global impact. Our academic staff ensure that their teaching is kept relevant and up-to-date through their engagement in leading-edge researches, much of which are closely linked to current business and industry development. We provide executive education programmes to leading businesses in China and beyond, as well as engaging with startup businesses through the Ningbo Nottingham International Incuator Park.

Drawing on our unique, globally extensive resources, we emphasize the effective impact of our courses on students and enterprises, aiming to cultivate future business leaders with a global perspective, innovative thinking, and leadership skills. Our school is equipped with internationally top-tier financial labs and financial databases, and we look forward to providing excellent business education to students, jointly promoting the development of China and global business fields with all parties.
- Professor Kok Wei Khong, Dean, NUBS China

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Executive Education

UNNC has delivered customized international talent training courses for CRRC since 2012. CRRC is the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment and plays a vital role in the advancement of the "one belt and one road" initiative. As a result of the continuous expansion of its overseas business, CRRC's demand for international high-end talent has increased considerably in recent years. The Advanced International Talent Development Programme (AITDP) delivered by UNNC for CRRC provides technology support and training of key leadership roles for the expansion of its overseas market development and the realization of its internationalization strategy. The program is dedicated to improving the following international business skills of the trainees:

  • Cross-cultural negotiation and communication.
  • International market access.
  • Improving the management skills of merged enterprises.
  • Cultivating leadership skills.
  • Improving the international outlook and analytical ability of multinational enterprises.
  • Comprehensively improving the English level of the trainees.

To date, CRRC have trained nearly 1000 key workers through UNNC, who have gone on to work in 60 countries and regions and have become the vanguard for Chinese high-speed railway’s international expansion.  




To systematically improve the comprehensive management ability of excellent young talents of Samsonite China Co., LTD. The course helps the students understand the management knowledge of crossing their jobs, grasp the company's strategic direction and look at problems from the perspective of management and business development to become the talent for samsonite China in the future.

1) Self-awareness, expand international management thinking and analytical ability, and improve soft power;

2) Understand the rapidly changing business and market environment and respond flexibly to changing eras;

3) Systematically acquire the knowledge and skills of comprehensive business management to improve the comprehensive quality of business; Improve cross-department communication and coordination ability and teamwork ability.


To strengthen collaboration with local high-quality enterprises, improve R&D capability, take the initiative to provide financial services to local governments in the Yangtze River Delta region, fully utilise the role of think tanks to establish financial service teams for local governments and provide financial consultancy services. With its strong faculty in finance and internationalisation, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China Business School supports the advancement of talent at all levels in related industries by enhancing their professionalism. Modules that are related include:

  • Analysis of China and global economic and financial situation 
  • Capital Markets and Corporate Governance 
  • Corporate Finance and Valuation 
  • Futures and Derivatives Markets 
  • Smart Finance: Big Data Business Analytics and Visualisation Charts 
  • Marketing 
  • Mainstream Financial and Economic Database Practices

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Our expertise



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Leading  People, Teams and Change

Strategic Marketing Management in the Global Context

Strategy in an Uncertain World

Big Data and Decision Making

Facilitation for High Performing International Teams

Innovation : From Creativity to Entrepreneurship

Operations and Supply Chain Strategy

Managing International Business

Economic Environment and Financial Risk


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