UNNC Business School (NUBS) Executive Education develops internationalised business leaders proficient in both theoretical models and practical experience. We offer customised Executive Education courses for enterprise owners, team leaders, group managers, project directors, and all companies developing effective managers. All of our courses focus on:

  • Comprehensive management skills development, prepared for the ever-changing world
  • Personalised learning plans and guidance, based on individual needs and background
  • Networking opportunities with other aspiring leaders, expanding networks and creating opportunities
  • Adopting international business experience to local practices, supporting individuals and companies to succeed globally

Core Courses and Diverse Approaches

Business Intelligence and Financial Management


Marketing in the New Era


Operations and Supply Chain Management


Data Analysis and Decision Making


Global Economic Environment


Innovation: From Creation to Entrepreneurship


Effective Leadership and Team Management


International Business Management


Business English


Intercultural communication


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Learning in the classroom:

  • Interactives classroom
  • Small-group teaching
  • Group seminars
  • Varied assessments
  • Oral presentations
  • Practical exercises
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Study in practice:

  • Workplace soft skills
  • Field trips
  • Corporate visits
  • Business simulations
  • Short-term consultancy programmes
  • Overseas exchanges

Case Studies

  In-depth Cooperation: From local to global

  CRRC: 631 International Talent Training Scheme

Since 2012, UNNC have cooperated with CRRC to provide their bespoken international talents training programmes. CRRC is the world's largest supplier of rail transport equipment and plays an important role in the growth of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative. In recent years, CRRC's demand for effective managers who can operate internationally has increased significantly as they grow overseas To meet the demands of their international strategy, and enlarge its overseas market, UNNC designed the Advanced International Talent Development Programme (AITDP) to provide technical support and train core leaders for CRRC.
This program is dedicated to improving the following international business skills:
  • Cross cultural negotiation and communication
  • Accessing international markets
  • Managing merged enterprises
  • Leadership skills cultivation
  • Global vision and analytical skills for multinational enterprises
  • Comprehensive English language skills

So far, UNNC has trained almost 1000 core workers who are working in 60 countries and regions. They are the pioneers in the international development of China's high-speed railway.


  Career Advancement: Banking employee onboarding

  2023 New Employees Training Programme - Agricultural Bank of China, Ningbo Branch

Focusing on the specificity of banking, NUBS(China) customised related professional development courses for new employees from the Agricultural Bank of China. With this comprehensive and systematic course, 'new energy' was added to the existing enterprise who could maximise the dynamism of new employees.
In addition to banking business training and quality development, the programme also covered business courses like an Analysis of China's Economic and Financial Situation and Marketing.
A total of 313 new employees successfully:
  • Completed the transition to their new role
  • Mastered basic banking knowledge
  • Enhanced management skills and essential professionalism
  Mid-level Promotion: Foreign company's local internationalisation

  2022 Samsonite China - Middle Manager Training Programme

Focusing on the practicalities and needs of Samsonite China, NUBS(China) specially designed this training course for improving comprehensive business competency for outstanding Samsonite middle managers. Based on professional theoretical knowledge and drawing on industry excellent practices and case studies, this programme helped participants to improve their overall personal competences in a company context.
Samsonite middle-managers:
  • Developed self-awareness, enhanced international management and improved thinking and analytical skills
  • Understood the fast-changing business and market environment and how to respond flexibly to the challenges of an uncertain era
  • Acquired comprehensive management and business knowledge and skills, enhancing general business qualities
  • Promote cross-departmental skills and teamwork ability
  High-level Visits: Building overseas communicating platform

  2018 CRRC Internationalised Talents 631 Engineering Senior Programme

There are two phases in the 631 Engineering Senior Program. Phase one: participants finish the 4-month English and business courses in UNNC. Phase two: Outstanding participants are selected to join the 1-month overseas business development programme to visit a large number of globally renowned high-end equipment manufacturing and innovation and R&D companies in UK, Germany and the USA. After that, they go back to UNNC for the graduation ceremony and complete the international business development programme report, showing their achievements to the CRRC high level managers.

This programme systematically deceloped internationalisation competence in five areas:

  • International business ability, especially cross-cultural negotiation and accessing international markets
  • Management skills for merged enterprises
  • Leadership in multinational enterprises
  • International thinking and analytical skills
  • English proficiency

About Nottingham


Our history

Established in 2004, with the full approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education, University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) was the first Sino-foreign university to open its doors in China. It is also a key member of the University of Nottingham's Global Education System.

Our success

Built on partnership and understanding between the UK and China, UNNC is a truly international institution with global collaboration in its DNA. Our diverse academics create an academic environment without walls that inspires students to communicate cross-culturally, understand different perspectives, and cultivate wisdom with an international perspective. We are also very proud to support education, employability and community development in Ningbo, our beautiful historic city on the eastern coast.

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