Professor Shravan Luckraz awarded West Lake Friendship Award

15 November 2023

On 10 November 2023, Professor Shravan Luckraz from School of Economics, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences UNNC was awarded the West Lake Friendship award by Zhejiang Provincial Government.

The West Lake Friendship award is the highest honour Zhejiang province can bestow upon a foreign national, recognising their contribution to the social and economic development of the province, whether in business and technology or culture and education.

Professor Shravan Luckraz is now a professor of economics at FHSS. He holds a PhD in Economics from the National University of Singapore and has held positions in Singapore, Australia and China. In addition, he has magnificent achievements in his profession. In 2016, he published his research work on the equivalence of extensive games, the Kline-Luckraz Theorem, which has led subsequent important research in the field.

As an expert in the field of Game Theory, he has also been committed to promoting international academic exchanges and cooperation between China and the international research community in the field of game theory. With his efforts, the China Chapter of the International Society of Dynamic Games (ISDG) was established and the first major ISDG conference in China was held in Ningbo in 2017. In 2018, Professor Luckraz introduced the Centre for Decision and Experimental Economics (CeDEx) at the University of Nottingham (ranked number one in Europe and fifth in the world for behavioral and experimental economics research) and successfully established the CeDEx Laboratory China Branch at UNNC in 2019.

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