Access our facilities and expertise

Set up your business in a stunning location. Access our expertise to help you transform your innovative ideas into real-world impact.


We provide first-class office space and facilities for business. Our location on UNNC campus encourages external, student, alumni and academic entrepreneurs to grow their businesses alongside each other.

In this dynamic environment, innovators and entrepreneurs engage with research to deliver commercial outcomes and economic impact.

Tenancy options

Whether you want to join us as a virtual tenant, or have your independent workspace, we have you all covered.

Tenant companies

We are home to around 30 businesses, spreading across many industries including consultancy, education, sports, and design.


Business services at a glance


Get started

  • Validation of entrepreneurial ideas
  • Team building
  • Market research
  • Technology assessment
  • Pitch training


Go grow

  • Guidance of entrepreneurial incentives
  • Mentors (academic and industrial)
  • Introduce to corporation partners
  • Guidance of strategic development
  • Training of funding and investment 
  • Research and development support
  • Workshop and forums



professional setting 1000-666



  • China market research
  • Guidance of entrepreneurial incentives
  • Commercial and legal service
  • Introduce to corporation partners
  • Introduce to investors
  • Dialogue with entrepreneurs 
  • Workshop and forums