XR Studio is a place for students and staff to experience, design and produce augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality contents. 

It’s available to book for teaching and learning which requires XR technologies. Staff and students can also pop in to experience during open hours. xr studio

Book the XR Studio

What you can do in the studio? 

The AR/VR Studio is equipped with technologies that include multiple headset configurations, workstations and various software and applications to help students and staff experience and create innovations in a wide range of industries.

  • Experience the latest VR equipment.
  • Use XR technology and equipment for teaching activity.
  • Learn about the technology.
  • Apply the technology to your specific field using certain platforms or applications.
  • Available equipment:




Oculus Quest

360 camera

XR studio

How to book the studio

1.Get in touch with our support staff via email 3 days in advance to make sure the facilities in the studio can fulfill your needs.

2.Check the timetable of the studio.

3.Make a booking on the booking system with detailed information.

4.Our support staff will send an appointment/email for confirmation in a timely manner.

Note: Any booking without confirmation is considered invalid.

Rules and Policies

Use of XR Studio