2022/23 Careers and Employability Report

A survey of the 2023 UNNC undergraduates recruited through the Chinese National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao) shows that the employment rate for the cohort was as high as 95.7% (based on a 100% response rate from 1683 graduates). 90.3% of the 2023 graduates went on to further study, 4.7% went directly to work, 0.5% were engaged in freelance work and 0.2% founded their own businesses.

Over 90% of 2023 undergraduates entered graduate school for further study, among which nearly 30% were admitted by top 10 universities, over 70% by top 50 universities, and over 90% entered top 100 universities. Of the graduates working in foreign and joint ventures, 84.6% are employed by global industry leaders such as L'Oréal, Louis Vuitton, PwC, and similar. Among the graduates who chose to work in private enterprises, 72.0% work in industry leaders, listed companies, and well-known domestic companies, such as Iflytek, Midea, ByteDance, and similar.

For master's graduates of class 2022, the employment rate is 95.3%. 84.8% were direct to work, 1.5% were engaged in freelance work, 6.7% were pursuing further education, and 2.3% were engaged in self start-ups. For master's graduates who worked directly after graduation, 91.7% go to state-owned enterprises, government agencies, public institutions, Fortune 500 companies or well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises, including KPMG, PwC, Ernst & Young, HSBC Bank, Louis Vuitton, Geely, Xiaomi, Bank of Ningbo as well as local governments and education bureaus.  

The Ph.D. graduates are employed in diverse industries and especially favoured by educational institutions and public institutions. 77.8% of our Ph.D. graduates are employed in educational institutions in teaching and research positions. 14.8% of our graduates are engaged in scientific research institutions. Another 7.4% of Ph.D. graduates went to work in enterprises. The rate of our 2022 Ph.D. graduates entering famous enterprises is 100%.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), as a cooperative university, has been continuously sending excellent talents to enterprises. There are many alumni employees within our company, who have shown strong comprehensive quality and professionalism in the workplace. We sincerely thank UNNC and Careers and Employability Service for their continuous support and help!

- Zeyu, Campus Recruitment Manager, L'Oreal China

According to the latest statistics, 21.3% of International and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan graduates chose to stay in China for further education or employment whereas 78.7% chose to study and work overseas. Employers include renowned companies both globally and in China, such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG, DBS Bank and Mercedes-Benz, and Chinese companies such as Ningbo BORUI Fragrances Group and CTBC Bank.

The Careers and Employability Service (CES) delivers expert career and employability programmes, services, and resources that educate and empower students to become thriving professionals in the global community. Up to now, nearly 1000 renowned domestic and foreign enterprises have registered on the career system of the university, and have developed long-term cooperative links with UNNC. Under the leadership of the university, we made visits to nearly 200 enterprises. This year, 23 companies have joined the Summer Placement Program, with more than 60 companies and nearly 1,000 students participating in the Internship Fair. The CES also enables more than 70 professional career counsellors and industry experts to provide students with one-on-one career planning consultation to help students find the right direction of their development. We will continue to optimize resume interview courses, resume editors, resume reviews and mock interviews to improve the success rate of applications. In order to provide timely, neutral, comprehensive, and systematic further study advising services to students, the CES has developed a variety of initiatives covering graduate school engagement, systematic guidance, and individualized advising, all aimed at inspiring students to dream big.