"A good strategy helps you create a foundation for long-term growth and success."

Peter Hofman
Representative Faculty

Professor Peter Hofman

PhD, University of Twente, Netherlands/ Associate Dean for Academic Development / Professor of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Professor Hofman was a Director at Cyclus consultancy and a consultant for various international and local firms in the Netherlands in the areas of cleaner production, environmental management and corporate social responsibility. His consulting experience ranges from manufacturing industry to construction, the energy sector, education and healthcare. 


In a world that is characterized by volatility, uncertainty,complexity and ambiguity, we can question whether the idea of strategy as we have known it for long is still valid. Diagnose and solve strategic issues and develop action plans for implementing real change. This module explores cutting-edge research on global advantage, strategic interaction, knowledge management, sustainability and stakeholder management and the role of leading by design to apply within your own organization. Develop strategiesto build your company’s reputation, manage risk, and seize competitive advantage in today’s complex, high stakes business environment. Explore beyond-market forces—from government legislation and regulation to activism and the media. Learn how to integrate your market strategy with stakeholder relations through cutting-edge academic research and relevant, real-time cases.

Who should attend

The module will be customized according to the needs of executives, managers and professionals from different organization levels: 

  • Executives
  • Managers, leaders and supervisors
  • Management trainees

How You Will Benefit

This module develops a knowledge and understanding of

  • Markets - the various demands in different markets related to economic, legal, sustainable and ethical aspects.
  • The dynamics of the global economy and international business &/or an awareness of cultural, legal/regulatory, political, and economic differences across countries &/or an appreciation of management issues from a global perspective
  • Customers - customer expectations, service and orientation regarding your products and the sustainability of your activities
  • Investors and finance – the demands of investors related to the profitability and sustainability of your products and activities ; the use of accounting and other information systems for managerial applications
  • People - the management and development of people within organisations, the importance of knowledge management and responsible management within organisations
  • Business Policy and Strategy - the development of appropriate policies and strategies within a changing environment, to meet stakeholder interests
  • Pervasive Issues - these would include sustainability, globalisation, corporate social responsibility, diversity, business innovation,creativity, enterprise development, knowledge management and risk management

Key Focus

  • Strategy and sources of competitive advantage
  • Knowledge management and innovation
  • Developing a CSR and sustainability strategy
  • CSR reporting and auditing
  • Strategic interaction with stakeholders & stakeholdermanagement
  • Differences in CSR and stakeholder management across countries
  • Leading through responsible management and innovation

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