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NUBS China continues to provide solutions, wisdom support and innovative power to cultivate international talents for industry leaders (such as CRRC, AVIC, CR Pharmaceutical, POWERCHINA, etc.). We actively explores massive large enterprises’ talent demand with "going out" and "blend in" strategy, which contributes to the development of Chinese enterprises towards internationalization and the cultivation of world-class entrepreneurial leaders.

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I have benefited greatly from this learning experience. First of all, from class lecture, class discussion to daily communication, we all used English. Immersive learning experience improved my English listening and speaking ability significantly. Secondly, well designed curriculum, accompanied by rich cases, combined with methods such as business theory teaching, case analysis and group discussion, are very applicable to real-life practice. Finally, the teaching content is ingeniously designed step by step. Participants with different background are divided and taught in groups. The programme inspired students to learn passionately which is very useful.

                                                                                 Year 2019 Participant  CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive CO.,LTD. 

Our group and the University of Nottingham have a good cooperation foundation in terms of talent training. The University of Nottingham Ningbo adheres to the five ‘I’s ideology, namely: International, Innovative, Interactive, Implementation and Impact.This is highly in line with the group’s current leadership training needs.

Year 2016  Participant Aviation Industry Corporation of China,LTD. 

The team of professors learns both Chinese and Western, and conveys leading management concepts and hot business insights. The professors have their own characteristics, the classroom atmosphere is active and diverse, and the interaction is strong. Thanks to the professor's rich industry background and corporate work experience, the participants can benefit from it. Research topics and quality development have greatly improved participants' communication skills and leadership, and the cohesion among participants is very strong.

Year 2019 Participant  Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited

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