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Governments, businesses and individuals worldwide are talking about China. Whether it be political ties, investment, business start-up or language learning, China and its growing economy are at the forefront of many discussions and plans across the globe.

Studying in China offers you the chance to embrace a new culture, study a new language (optional) and learn about country which possesses an economy that is amongst the largest in the world.

Such experiences, combined with a highly ranked UK degree, allow our students to obtain impressive and sought-after CVs. Knowledge of China is increasingly desired by employers in today’s globalised world. The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) offers students the opportunity to gain this first-hand experience from a world-class British university.

Here in China social meetings can often turn into professional opportunities and that’s really exciting. 

Torben Segelken 

Torben Segelken,
MSc International Management