The Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation (AIOP) research group promotes multi-disciplinary research in AI and optimization to find practical solutions to real-world problems. We are outward-looking and emphasize collaboration with external institutions and  companies. Our research output has impact in many areas of industry, business, and society. In particular, we have targeted real-world problems in the fields of Transportation, Healthcare, and Finance. AIOP has recently established two labs: the Intelligent Simulation and Digital Port Lab (ISDP) and the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) lab.

AIOP currently has 25 academics, 1 senior software engineer, and over 40 PhD students. The full list of group members can be found here

We hold regular informative AIOP research seminars each week, allowing us to share knowledge and updates in the fields of AI and optimization. In December 2019, we hosted the 9th Multidisciplinary International Scheduling conference: Theory and Applications (MISTA), welcoming about 200 scholars from 19 different countries and regions.

We have an AI Lab equipped with 10 high performance workstations (Dell Tower 7920, 2×NVIDIA 2080 Ti GPU included), 6 Huawei rack AI servers, each with 2×NVIDIA-Tesla V100 GPU cards, and 2 unmanned aerial vehicles for AI research, and facilities for AI related teaching.


We Are Fully Equipped

Main research topics covered:
Big Data

Evolutionary Game Theory

Image Processing

Natural Language Processing

Computational AI

Fuzzy Logic Intelligent Hardware Pattern Recognition
Computer Vision

Heuristics and Optimisation Machine Learning Scheduling and Timetabling
Deep Neural Network

Human Computer Interaction Multi-Agent Simulation  Software Engineering


Ph.D. Opportunities

We are recruting Ph.D. candidates now! Our Ph.D. students are supported with cutting-edge research facilities and well-established research collaborating resources. If interested in the research topics above, please go to the member profile to find your potential supervisor. If interested in joining any of the above labs, please contact lab supervisors listed on the sidebar. We offer a wide range of scholarships for extraordinary and talented applicants. For funding opportunities, please visit here.


Head Supervisor

          Professor Ruibin Bai

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