Research Achievements


CIF aims at producing high quality research outcomes which are consistent and adherent to the themes and trending topics from the perspective of the People’s Bank of China and other external collaborators. Since its establishment, CIF has undertaken dozens of research projects covering financial inclusion, financial customer protection, green finance, local capital market, Fintech, etc. in order to improve the social impact domestically and internationally.



2018 Research Achievements
In March 2018, the White Paper Assessment on the Environment of Financial Consumer Protection 2014—2017 was published in a press conference and was highly recognized by PBoC, which strengthens the foundation of assessment replication at a national level. In January, the article Digital Financial Inclusion Growing in China was published in China Daily and introduces the development of financial inclusion in Ningbo.
2017 Research Achievements
In 2017, the policy report The Study of Strengthening Ningbo Stock Exchange to Serve Enterprises, which was commissioned by Ningbo Consultative Committee, was praised by Ningbo Mayor Dongyao Qiu and First Deputy Mayor Yueshun Song. The Mayor read the report and made comments saying “the suggestions of the report are excellent and these suggestions should be learned and investigated by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Commission of Economic and Information Technology, and the Municipal Finance Office”. The article The Discussion of the Role of Equity Market in Manufacturing in China 2025 by Xiuping Hua, Jack Zhou and Jay Ge won an excellence award in a paper call organized by Ningbo Finance Society.
2016 Research Achievements
In 2016, the article Research on Financial Inclusion Assessment Index by Xiuping Hua, Jack Zhou and Jay Ge won the Best Paper Award in the “Financial Inclusion Demonstration Area Construction” organized by Ningbo Financial Society. The article Domestic Inspiration from International Financial Inclusion Experiences by Jack Zhou was published in Ningbo Finance Newswire. In November, PBoC Ningbo Branch introduced the financial inclusion index of Ningbo, a research article produced by CIF, in Finance 100 Forum.


Policy Research



  A Study on the Theory and Practice of Inclusive Finance Reform in Ningbo from the Perspective of Modern Financial System

  A Study on the Latest Theory and Practice of Inclusive Finance

  A Study on the Innovation of Credit Loan Model for Small and Micro Enterprises




  Research on Risk Prevention and Supervision Innovation of Informal Financial Institutions under the Background of Fintech

  Research on Intellectual Property and Patent Assessment to Promote the Financing of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  Create a credit scoring model for small and micro enterprises, based on financial inclusion credit information platform

  Research on Optimization of supply chain financial system based on blockchain technology



  Assessment on the Environment of Financial Consumer Protection, 2014—2017

  Research on the Impact Mechanism of Inclusive Finance on Systemic Risk

  International Comparative Study on Chinese and British Characteristic Towns to Promote Advanced Manufacturing Industry

  Comparative Study on the Development of Digital Financial Inclusion

  The Development Report of Insurance Technology Industry in Ningbo

  Report of Further Optimization of Enterprise Financing Environment in Ningbo

  Report of Deepening the Reform of the Commercial Registration System in Ningbo

  Research Report on Practices and Strategies of Culture Industry in Ningbo towards the Matching of Capital Market

  Reflections and Suggestions on the Reform of Local Financial Supervision System - Based on the Practice and Exploration of Ningbo

  Comprehensive Analysis of the Development of Marine High-tech Industry in Ningbo



  Research on Financial Inclusion Index based on China Financial Inclusion Index System (2016)

  Research on Financial Inclusion Index based on China Financial Inclusion Index System (2016) Financial Consumer Rights Protection Assessment (2017)

  Study of Financial Products and Consumer Segmentation

  Research on the Current Situation of Corporate Leverage and the Path of Deleveraging

  The Study of Strengthening Ningbo Stock Exchange to Serve Enterprises

  The Study of the Development of Green Finance System in Ningbo

  Working Plan of Establishing Ningbo Demonstration Area to Integrate Culture and Technology

  Global Advanced Financial Technology Development in Financial Market

  Ningbo Equity Exchange Annual Report 2016

  Policies on Patent, business, economy in US, EU, Japan and South Korea



  Pilot Project Assessment in the Ningbo Inclusive Finance Demonstration —— Collaborative Project with PBoC Ningbo Branch

  Financial Consumer Rights Protection Assessment (2016) —— Collaborative Project with PBoC Ningbo Branch

  How to Improve the Financial Collaborations between Britain and China —— Commissioned Project of Ministry of Commerce

  Research on the Leverage Effect of Fiscal Policies on Promoting the Development of Capital Market in Ningbo —— Commissioned Project of the Financial Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Government