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CIF maintains good communication with external parties, especially the industry practitioners, government agencies, and the media to create a better understanding and make sure that research and reality stay in tune so as to deliver high-quality research results. CIF produces Chinese monthly newsletters to trace the working process and research results. Up to now, 42 Chinese Newsletters have been published. These Newsletters cover the dynamics of the financial regulation, the development of financial inclusion and the industry, as well as the progress of the academia etc. It reflects the present situation and environment of inclusive finance, and effectively improves the attention and impact of inclusive finance. Besides, CIF circulates its latest news and recent developments via English monthly newsletter through campus e-mail system, to arouse more research interests amongst academic staff and research students.

Xiuping Hua, Secretary-General of Centre for Inclusive Finance, also a member of the Chinese Peoples’ Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Ningbo, promotes CIF and its research effectively on various occasions. For example, during the CPPCC meeting 2018, Xiuping suggested to Party Secretary of Ningbo Shanjie Zheng about constructing green finance systems and she met the press to appeal to the society for attention.


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