Welcome to the Nottingham China Health Institute. We are a research platform that brings together leading researchers on all aspects of healthcare in China from across our three campuses in China, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

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Dr Cai Zhao

Executive Director of the Institute



Professor Richard Hubbard

Clinical Director of the Institute


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29 January 2021

Kick-off Meeting for GRADE Workshops


Our aim is to improve health and health care for everyone in China, by using high quality, up to date, clinical evidence to drive the best clinical decision making.
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Our vision for the Nottingham China Health Institute is to collaborate with the healthcare and public health bodies in China to accelerate the delivery of cost effective evidence-based healthcare. Working with our China partners we seek to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of all Chinese in the 21st Century.
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Our work focuses on the six broad areas

Five areas 1

Centre for Evidence Synthesis and GRADE

Nottingham is a world leader in the use of routinely collected clinical data to distil the best available clinical evidence into practical and usable clinical guidelines. Building on that research excellence, in early 2018, the Ningbo GRADE Centre was approved to develop clinical guidelines for China. Our goal is to become China’s leading centre for evidence-based healthcare, utilising evidence synthesis methods and GRADE evidence to decision (EtD) framework to accelerate and advance the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in China. 

Centre for Health Economics 

Better health for everyone requires more cost-efficient and cost-effective delivery of healthcare. The Centre, based in the School of Economics, aims to become a leading centre on health economics and research on health sector economics and policy in China. 

Five areas 2
Five areas 3

Big data, AI and Health informatics

Increases in computing power, lower costs and mobility of computing is leading to many innovations in information flows and management related to health. Our researchers are collaborating on projects to enable better use of the huge volumes of data created in the China health sector to improve patient management and health outcomes. 

Healthcare Leadership, Management and Training

We are collaborating in projects to improve primary care training in China through the training of GPs, hospital administrators and other health sector professionals. Researchers at the Nottingham University Business School (China) have expertise relevant to the health sector. At our UK campus the Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership and Learning is dedicated to improving healthcare management and leadership.

Five areas 4
Five areas 5

Future Healthcare Technologies

Our researchers in the Faculty of Science and Engineering are pioneering initiatives with many healthcare applications, including new materials, lasers and optics, and health-related computing and big data statistical analysis. 

Global Knowledge Exchange and Training

Finding solutions to healthcare challenges requires equipping practitioners with the knowledge and experience to deploy their skills more effectively and efficiently. We work with our partners to develop training and exchange programmes around primary care, medical English, medical publishing and evidence-based assessment of clinical practice, operations and technologies. 

Five areas 6