photograph competition2020

It has been a month since the new library opened, and you must have found your favourite corner to enjoy your time here. Taken the opportunity, the Library and UNNC Photography Association sincerely invite you to participate in the 'Library Through the Lens’ Photography Competition. You could use the silent lens to capture the unique scenes in the library and share the beautiful moments.


19th – 25th October

Photo-taking & Submit

28th October – 4th November

Online and offline exhibition &Vote

7th November

Final results & awarding


  • All the entries must be original works.
  • The competition is divided into 2 categories: Portrait photography、Architectural & Still-life photography.
  • Contestants can submit 1-3 pieces of work(s) for each category. Contestants must complete the shooting and post-production work between October 19 and October 25.
  • Please submit your entries(titled as “photo title + university ID”) and the Application Form(and Model Consent Form for portraiture) to or
  • The format of the entry should be JPEG (jpg) file and the photo size should be not less than 800 * 600 pixels, and the ratio should be 3:2 or 2:3.
  • The entries can be in black-and-white, or colour, but capture the theme of "The New Library". The display effect can be adjusted through appropriate processing, while the basic nature of photographic works must be maintained. Any operation that distorts the authenticity of the work must be prohibited. The original information of the picture must be retained, that is, it can be viewed in the image attributes.
  • In order to ensure the fairness and consistency, the entries shall not be decorated with borders, water marks, signatures, etc.