Mental Health Literacy Programme 

Course Structure

The Mental Health Literacy Programme consists of 11 main modules, emphasising a step-by-step and practical approach. It starts with an understanding of mental health and progressively covers knowledge and skills related to self, personality, resilience, interpersonal communication, intimate relationships, managing emotions and more. The course is delivered through a combination of lectures and seminars, enriched by a variety of learning experiences such as dance, drama, seminars, painting, book clubs and more. 


Semester One

1. College student mental health and wellbeing

2. Becoming myself

3. Personality development

4. The psychology of learning

5. The secrets of interpersonal relationships


Semester two


Semester One-05-05


Semester Two

6. Psychology in romantic love

7. Understanding emotions

8. Stress management and resilience development

9. Abnormal psychology

10. Living a life

11. Peer support: What can I help with?

Specific course arrangements may be subject to minor adjustments based on circumstances.


Course Benefits

By completing the relevant course content, you will gain SPDPO credits and a wealth of knowledge about mental wellbeing.

You gain a deeper understanding of mental health and learn more about yourself.

You are welcome to explore the world of psychology with us.

We look forward to seeing you!