Cleaning service


Cleaning services include three parts, daily cleaning service, special tasks, and pest control.

Daily cleaning services are provided from 7:00 to 16:30 daily. For the library, sport centre and part of teaching buildings, service time is extended to 21:00. 

Apart from daily cleaning, there are a lot of special tasks and deep cleaning carried out on summer vacation or over holidays: 

1.All public platforms and paths in gardens are cleaned deeply every two months.

2.All roofs and drains in teaching area are cleaned every two months.

3.All external facades are cleaned deeply annually.

4.All carpets (including PVC floor) are cleaned deeply annually.

5.All sofas and sofa chairs in public areas are cleaned deeply annually.

6.Pools in NICC and eastern and western gardens are cleaned on a quarterly basis.

We employ professional contractors to set up and place mouse glue traps, cockroach traps, and fly killers in all buildings and rat bait stations and termite detecting test spots throughout campus (outdoor area) to provide protection against pests and diseases. All outfits/materials are replaced on a monthly basis from November to April, and on a biweekly basis from May to October. 
Cleaning service2