Recent Development

Solar PV Car Canopy

Solar Car 1
Solar Car3

The project of solar PV adoption for car park canopy is aligned with the sustainable development goals, it will protect the cars from wind, sunlight and rain, improve the aesthetic effect and develop clean power supply in a sustainable way.

The solar PV system create maximum power capacity of 280kw (287,980 kwh/year on average) which is clean energy solution and ecofriendly. The produced power will feed to Trent Building which closest to the car canopy. The solar PV system was officially connected to the grid on March 22, 2023. 

Energy Saving

energy saving gif

According to University of Nottingham Strategy – Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals, we will create a safe and sustainable space and place that support the campus sustainable development. 

Building Automation (BA) system is a system that provides a high-tech control platform by installing signal communication modules, centralized computer APP, smart sensors and panels which can be connected and aligned with existing equipment. Furthermore, a monitor system with meter reading and data analysis can draw a full picture of overall operation status and detailed power consumption for the entire building. By installing an integrated BA system with high-efficiency operation of HVAC, lighting, fresh air system, etc. We have made improvement on energy saving as well as on the users’ experience. Now, three buildings (PMB, LDB, New Library) have been connected to the BA system.