Recent Development

Art Center Phase I

Art center 1
Art center 2
Arts facilities project (Phase I) unlocked the potential of the University’s space for holistic art education. The Arts facilities allow students, staff, alumni and the community to come together to share their creative endeavours and to develop new directions in all areas of human expression.

Arts facilities project (Phase II) currently is under designing stage. 

Sports Centre outdoor facilities upgrading

Sports 1
Sports 2

In order to increase students' opportunities for physical exercise, make full use and improve the existing sports venues and facilities, to create a better environment for students to actively participate in sports activities, UNNC has expanded and added the roof on the existing outdoor basketball court and tennis court, and built a new beach volleyball court.

Classroom and Lab Renovation


Create a larger computer room

Pilot classroom

IEB 5th

In order to enhance the teaching and learning experience and improve the competitiveness of UNNC, it is planned to upgrade campus by: refurbishing the buildings, and providing a more flexible, sustainable and comfortable environment for students and staff. So far, various projects have been completed and put in to use.