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Saileshsingh Gunessee

Representative Faculty

Dr Saileshsingh Gunessee

PhD, University of Nottingham, UK / Associate Professor of Economics / Director of Research Development

Saileshsingh Gunessee has been with NUBS China since 2007. He completed his PhD in Economics at the School of Economics of the University of Nottingham. His research covers the areas of ‘Spatial Economics’, ‘Economics of International Business’, ‘Experimental & Behavioural Economics’ and ‘China-related Economics’. Some of his research work have led to a great affinity towards micro data and the use of microeconometrics to analyse such data. 


This module provides an introduction to international risk management and the macroeconomic business environment. The module will cover various factors which impact on the management of international financial risk, such as, the potentially huge impact of exchange rate risk, how political risk has huge implications on financial success and needs to be considered as part of international financial risk, and the importance to manage working capital in an international business context to reduce international financial risk. The module also provides a comprehensive perspective to macro-economic and global-economic business environment, and how they impact businesses. These include getting an understanding of how external economic influences impact a business, how a business can stay competitive in an economy, and how to navigate through global economic forces as a business ventures abroad.

Who should attend

  • Economic consultants

  • Managers and leaders

  • Project manager of international business

  • Multinational business leader

How You Will Benefit

  • Detect international political risk as driver of financial risk and other factors relevant to corporate and how to address them

  • Hedge against: currency risk, political risk and working capital risk as part of international financial risk management

  • Understand the importance of currency risk, political risk and working capital risk to the railway industry and as success factors of international business

  • Understand what is happening to the Chinese economy and key challenges it is facing and how these imply for businesses

  • Understand what drives competitiveness and some new drivers of competitiveness, such as, commercialisation, digitalisation, servitisation, and people analytics

  • Learn that the global economy, although interconnected, still faces different kinds of separations, such as, physical and socio-cultural separations

  • Better understand the ‘economic’ challenges of Belt & Road Initiative

Key Focus

  • International financial and other risks for corporations

  • The concepts and application of risk management

  • International political risk as driver of financial risk

  • Financial implications for international business

  • Concepts and implications of GDP and Inflation

  • Business implications of rebalancing the Chinese economy

  • ‘Competitive’ in an economic context

  • ‘China Go Global’ and the Economics of 'Belt & Road Initiative'

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