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Building, Activity and Room Code Information

Campus Information

Current   Building Code

Current Building Name

Original Building Code

Original   Building Name

TRENT   (Building No.1)

Trent Building


Administration Building

DB   (Building No.24)

The Lord Dearing Building


New Teaching Building

PMB   (Building No.2)

The Sir Peter Mansfield Building


Science and Engineering Building

PB   (Building No.5)

Portland Building


Student Services Building

TB   (Building No.3)

Teaching Building


Teaching Building



Activity Code Definition


Activity CodeName
C Computing 
E Exams
L Lecture
M Meeting
P Practical
S Seminar
T Tutorial
V Visits
W Workshop



 Room Types


Room Code    Building Name
COMP Computer Teaching Room
LANG Language Teaching Room
LT Lecture Theatre
PRAC Practical Room
SEM Seminar Room
VIDCONF Video Conferencing Room