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Timetabling FAQs 

How do I view the web timetables?



Why do we have clashes between teaching? 

Clashes can occur for a number of reasons. If a course structure in Saturn has not been updated correctly, then the students will not be attached to the correct modules. If there are a large number of option modules available, then lack of teaching hours may restrict the number of clash free combinations. Where students have not chosen their options, those details will not be displayed in the timetable.



Why can't the timetables be the same every year?

Timetables are subject to the many yearly changes which affect teaching. These can include increases in student numbers, staff members leaving or arriving, constraints on staff availability, students choosing different options, course structure modifications, specific AV requirements, and differences in the rooms available to us.



What is the start and end time of a lecture/seminar etc?

All classes should start on the hour, and end ten minutes before the hour. So a class scheduled for 9.00 would start at 9.00 and end at 9.50. The early end is to allow time for the room to be cleared before the next class, and to comply with Health and Safety requirements in the areas around large lecture rooms.