Under what circumstances can I take my resit examinations overseas?

Overseas exam arrangements are only made for students:

  • Who are normally resident overseas and have exams in August exam period; and
  • Whose modules are allowed to be taken overseas.

Please note: Overseas exam arrangements will not be made for students who are on holiday or temporarily overseas during the published examination periods.

Resit examinations for Year 1: 
Monday 14 August 2023 - Saturday 19 August 2023 - including Saturdays

Resit examinations for Year 2/3/4/Master: 
Monday 14 August 2023 - Saturday 26 August 2023 - including Saturdays

How much does it cost to take resit examinations overseas?

There is an administrative charge for taking examinations overseas of RMB 300.00 for each examination period, no matter how many individual exams are taken in that period.

You will also be responsible for paying all local charges and/or costs directly to the administering organisation that making the local exam arrangements.

What to do if you want to take resit examinations overseas

[Please complete Step 1-3 before 11:00am, 20 July 2023 (Beijing, China time)]

Step 1 - Contact relevant faculty offices/CELE professional services office to

1. Check if all the exams can be taken overseas, since you can only take the resit exam(s)  overseas if your modules are allowed to do so.

2. Fill in the overseas application link and get approval

Step 2 - Contact an overseas institution to facilitate your exam(s)

Contact an approved overseas institution to seek for confirmation - whether the institution is able to facilitate the exams and get institution’s confirmation e-mail. In circumstances the overseas exams cannot be arranged at the same time as UNNC exams due to time difference, you must return to UNNC to complete the assessment. 

Step 3 - Send confirmation emails

Send both Faculty/CELE approval e-mail and overseas institution’s confirmation e-mail to EXAMS@nottingham.edu.cn

[Please complete Step 4 before 17:00, 31 July 2023 (Beijing, China time)]

Step 4 - Pay the administrative fee to UNNC.

Once the application is approved and overseas exam arrangement is made, you will receive an e-mail from EXAMS@nottingham.edu.cn regarding fee payment to UNNC.

You will be asked to pay RMB 300 as administration fee and send the payment receipt to ASO by the set deadline - 17:00, 31 July. No late application will be accepted.


[Before 3 August 2023]

Step 5 - Receive exam timetable.

You will receive individual exam timetable.

Once the exam timetable is available, Exams Office will also send your exam timetable to your chosen institution.


[4 - 11 August 2023]

Step 6 - Contact the chosen overseas institution.

Contact the chosen institution to confirm all the final arrangements and pay local costs. It is your duty and responsibility to ensure the overseas exams arrangement are being made accordingly.


[14 - 26 August 2023]

Step 7 - Attend the exam.

Take the University ID card or ID booklet to attend the exams.


Cancelling your overseas exam arrangements

If you decide to return to University of Nottingham Ningbo China to sit your exam(s), you will need to email exams@nottingham.edu.cn to cancel your arrangements before 31 July 2023 (16:00 China time).