James Johnson-Perkins

Senior Tutor in Content A

Centre for English Language Education
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Trent Building 380


University of Nottingham Ningbo China


199 Taikang East Road, Ningbo, 315100, China


+86 0574 88180000 (ext.9643)


Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Current: Doctorate Researcher (Lancaster University, UK)
Post Graduate Certificate of Education (New College Durham, UK)
MA Fine Art (Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)
BA Fine Art (University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK)


I am the Art and Design modules convener and the CELE Senior Tutor in Content A. This involves an oversight of the: Faculty of History and Social Science, Business (Including International Pathways), Introduction to Analytical Thought, Introduction to Information Technology and Discipline-Based Reading Modules. I recently worked at The British School of Art and Design, Moscow, Russia and The Scientific College of Muscat, Oman. I also worked as a visiting Fine Arts lecturer at Xiamen University, China in the summer of 2018.

In the last 20 years, I have been internationally involved as: Head of Department, Art Lecturer/Associate Professor, and Exhibition Space Director/Curator and as an Artist. This has included working in the UK, as a BA Fine Art lecturer at Northumbria University and as a visiting lecturer at Newcastle University (1st in UK Times, Ratings, 2018). I also taught on the Interactive Media courses at one of the UK’s leading new ‘Outstanding (Ofsted)’ colleges, Gateshead College, and I was an Arts Facilitator on the education team at the internationally renowned The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK.

I am a British award winning artist whom has exhibited in leading venues in Asia, North America and Europe, Including:Toyota Museum of Modern Art, Toyota City, Japan, The Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China, The Arts Student League, New York, USA, Ars Electronica Centre, Linz, Austria,The Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland and The National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia.

Recently, I presented papers at: Arts in Society Conference, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Portugal, June 2019 and the International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL), 18th-19th December, Indonesia, Bali and I was a Keynote Speaker at the ICTEL 2020 conference 19th-20th May, South Korea, Seoul.


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Research interests

Recent papers at Conferences

Recent papers at Conferences

KEYNOTE: Bracing for the storm, Online Vrs Face to Face Teaching International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning, Seoul, South Korea, May 2020

An account of: Teaching, Learning and Management at Nottingham University, Ningbo, China International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning, TERA (Teaching Education and Research Association), Bali, Indonesia,18th-19th December 2019.

Art at the Oasis: Art, Culture and Education in Muscat, Oman Arts in Society Conference, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Portugal,19th-20th June 2019

Awards / Patents

2021 Winner, The Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize, President’ Award, Italy / Runner Up, The Alpine Fellowship Visual Art Prize, Sweden / Digital Art Observatory Award, Ukraine/UK

2019 NWCDTP Research Program Award, The British School at Rome, Italy

2018 Hula, The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, FHSS Play Conference Commission

2011 Megablocks HQ Canada, Mega Paintings Commission

2010 Arts Council International Residency Grant, UK

2009 Cecil Sharp House Megapole Installation, London, UK

2008 Antony Gormley, The Angel of the North 10th Aniversary Commission, Baltic Gallery for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK

2007 Arts Council Independent Artist Grant

2006 Arts Council Independent Research Grant, Novellus Castellum

2005 Northern Film and Media, Travel Grant

2003 Arts Council International Residency Grant

2002 Arts Council Independent Artist Grant


TRANQUIL WAVES OF TEACHING, LEARNING AND MANAGEMENT, PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences. 2020. Exploring aspects of: Teaching, Learning and Management at one of the leading Sino-Foreign Universities, The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, which relate to an Art and Design Tutor, and Academic Lead for History and Social Sciences within The Centre for English Language Education (CELE) Department, from 2014-20. This paper looks at aspects of: Design and planning of learning activities, teaching support of learners, assessment and feedback, the development of effective learning environments (and approaches to student support and guidance) and also at continuing professional development relating to research and scholarship. It also reveals aspects of two case studies pertaining to leadership and coaching.

Gigapan Technology and Montage: A Case Study of 5 New Works by James Johnson-Perkins’, International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology, April, 2016. This paper explores the use of Gigapan Technology and Photomontage techniques. Gigapan Technology enables a robotic machine to connect a camera to take hundreds of high quality images, which can be stitched together using computer software to create enormous panoramic photographs. In my new work these images form the bases of enormous digital montages.

PhD Research 2019- Gigapan Technology, Montage and the Internet, Lancaster University, UK, This PHD research seeks to reframe images I have made from 2010-2018 in the form of a short story sequence. The project will investigate short fiction as a way to investigate contemporary art, in a wider social and political sphere, as something that delves back into history and explores these notions in new ways. The project will also consider digital practice, and how digital networks inform and change memory and history, and how this is reflected is both contemporary art and literature.

CREATIVE WORK - Exhibitions Solo

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) Indefinite Memories: Exhibition curated by Zhanna Khromykh at The Liangzhu Culture Centre, Hangzhou, China, Jul 17 (In association with the China Academy of Art). This Culture Centre is a unique exhibition space designed by award-winning architect Tadao Ando. (https://www.archdaily.com/897963/tadao-andos-liangzhu-village-cultural-art-centre-through-the-lens-of- zheng-shi). Exhibition Video: (https://vimeo.com/226750787).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2015) Please Wait Whilst...Monkey Magic Sings Chinese Covers of 80's Pop Classics in Times Square: Organised by CEAC The Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, China. Jul 15. CEAC is a leading Chinese arts organization, widely known for its pioneering role in the region as a non-commercial art space providing support for artists conducting research and producing their art at traditional work sites and local factories. Accompanying catalogue and essay by Professor Qin Jian from Xiamen University Art College. (http://www.ceac99.org, http://www.johnson- perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/CEAC.pdf).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2014) The Starry Sky Lights Up Because of You: (UNNC) The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. Accompanying catalogue, and essays by UNNC academics David Holmes and Ronan Kelly. (http://www.johnson-perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/UNNC.pdf).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2014) The Great Battle: This exhibition was organized by the British Higher School of Art and Design at ARTPLAY, Moscow, Russia. Dec 14. It was sponsored by the Roland Printers DG Academy.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) Back to the Future: Organised by The Arts Student League of New York, USA. This famous school has been instrumental in shaping America’s legacy in the fine arts. Many renowned artists have trained and taught at the League. (https://www.theartstudentsleague.org).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2011) The Box: Part of a series of solo new media events organized by The Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales, UK, Jan-Feb 11. The box was a mini viewing room in the main Arts Centre foyer showing artists' films. The Aberystwyth Arts Centre is Wales’ largest arts centre and recognised as a 'national flagship for the arts'. It has a wide-ranging artistic programme, both producing and presenting, across all art forms including drama, dance, music, visual arts, applied arts, film, new media, and community arts and is recognised as a national centre for arts development. (https://www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk/about-us).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2011) The Sturovo Super Hero Society: The Bridge Guard Residency, Štúrovo, Slovakia, Mar 11. A solo exhibition of new work created during a 6-month residency with the Bridge Guard Residency Program. During this residency a video was made with the local community, featuring a fictitious group of amateur Eastern European freedom fighters. The accompanying catalogue contains a conversation with Lucia Udvardyova a journalist form Radio Wave, Czech Republic (http://www.johnson- perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/Sturovo%2017cm.pdf).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2011) Who Killed Top of The Pops: Organised by Nospace Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, Aug 11. Nospace was a leading Thai arts organization, well known for its pioneering and experimental program of arts events.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2010) Robot Invasion: The Public, West Bromwich, UK, Feb-Mar 10, The Public Building is a unique exhibition space that was designed by Will Alsop. Among its many functions, The Public hosts exhibitions of local and international interest, exploring new kinds of visual art, by new kinds of artists. (https://all.design/willalsop/thepublic?rq=public)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Retro Robot: Kube Gallery (Now Poole Museum), Poole, Dorset, UK. Jul- Sep 9. The Kube was one of the largest visual arts spaces between Southampton and the Tate gallery in St Ives, Cornwall. It was well known for its world-class education programme and for showcasing work of local, national and international artists. In 2010 the Gallery changed it’s emphasis and is now forms part of the Poole Museum. This exhibition gained a great deal of press attention, especially as there was a record attempt for the most amount of people doing robotics at the same time, which was a performance event created in conjunction with the main exhibition.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Northern Stage/Mega Paintings: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, Jun 20 - Aug 1. An exhibition of Mega Blok paintings by James Johnson-Perkins, The form of these paintings draw heavily on the modernist presidents and principles of Structuralism and Minimalism, sharing links in style to the works of: Kandinski, Malevich and Mondrian. Mega bloks are large building blocks which come a range of beautiful primary plastic colours. Organized by Waygood Gallery. Founded in 1997 Northern Stage has since become the pre-eminent year-round theater company in the region, offering professional productions of world premiers, classics, and musicals. (https://northernstage.org)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Pixel Talk: Art Gene: Barrow-in-Furnace, Cumbria, UK, Jan 6 - Feb 1, Pixel talk was an exhibition, selected from an on-going series of works by Johnson-Perkins comprising of text walls using Lego and Mega Blok plaques with retro or site specific statements. It was part of the U-hang series of exhibitions at Art Gene. Art Gene is a leading independent International research facility and Agency engaging associate artists and architects in design led regeneration. Art Gene's research remit extends across its program of residencies, exhibitions, symposiums and projects focusing on the role(s) and engagement in the regeneration of the social, natural and built environment. (http://www.art- gene.co.uk/uhang/james-johnson-perkins-pixel-talk/)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Meteoric Toy: The Durham Art Gallery, Durham, UK, Mar 28 - May 3, Meteoric Toy was a comprehensive and ambitious installation of James Johnson-Perkins’ work, filling all three exhibition spaces in the gallery. Curated by James Lowther. The Durham Art Gallery (now closed) was County Durham's largest modern and contemporary art gallery. Exhibition Catalogue: (http://www.johnson-perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/16%20ROBOTS.pdf)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) 50 Robots: Exhibit Gallery, London, UK, Nov 13 – Jan 25, Johnson-Perkins displayed 50 new pieces of robot sculptures and furniture especially developed for EXHIBIT. These were composed of 2,800 Megablock’s construction bricks. For the basement installation, he created two video projections using 8-bit computer graphics that explored binary information shaped by animated geometric shapes. EXHIBIT is a Design Gallery at the renowned Golden Lane Estate in the Barbican area of London. The highly regarded 1950’s modernist architecture of the estate provides a living context for the work of the Gallery and direct dialogue between public interest and the modernism architecture through the transparent shop front of the gallery. (http://www.exhibit-goldenlane.com/gallery/?p=160), (https://vimeo.com/130281578).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) Robot Dreams: Red Gallery, Hull, UK, Jul 3 - Jul 26. New Lego Installations & Videos, RED Contemporary Arts (RCA) is a radical arts initiative based in Hull. Formerly known as RED Gallery at 19 Osborne Street until March 2016, RED Contemporary Arts (RCA) is an independent arts initiative based in Hull, which was formed in 1997. The initiative’s primary focus is acting as a catalyst to give arts practitioners the freedom to experiment, express and develop new ideas whilst pushing the boundaries of their practice. (https://www.facebook.com/redcontemporaryarts) Exhibition Catalogue: (http://www.johnson-perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/Robot%20dreams.pdf)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) Turn me On/Gauntlet: Waygood Gallery (Now BALTIC39), Newcastle, UK, May 17-19. Gauntlet was a collection of robots, taking its name from one of the first dungeon and dragon

style arcade games of the 1980's. This exhibition was organised to celebrate the beginning of the redevelopment of Wards Building into a new contemporary gallery and studio initiative.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) Play, The Fermoy Gallery: Kings Lynn, UK, Nov 10 - Dec 21. In this Exhibition, Johnson-Perkins used materials and subject matter which have a resonance with his nostalgic memories, such as: building blocks, 80’s computer graphics and 80’s TV programs. In Play he exhibited an army of plastic toy brick figures, which he called ’robots’, scrolling message boards with jokes, colourful banners and dazzling films using 8 bit computer graphics with animated geometric shapes. The Fermoy Gallery was one of Kings Lynn Art Centre, UK spaces. The program at that time comprised of important exhibitions by international artists, including shows by: Julian Opie, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Liu Jianhua, and Dana Claxton. The accompanying catalogue has an introduction written by Dr Helen Smith (http://www.johnson-perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/Play.pdf).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2006) Jet Pack, The UK Arts Council North: Newcastle, UK, Jun 1- Aug 31.This ‘Jet Pack’ video referenced modernist painting, 80’s pop culture and Disco nostalgia, comprising of 16 rectangular coloured boxes, which individually changed colour 64 times on a loop. This was part of a Video Arts programme curated by Rebecca Shatwell. It was displayed in the foyer of the UK Arts council’s North headquarters. The UK Arts Council North, is home to 186 National Portfolio Organisations and eight Major Partner Museums. It invests in artists and art organisations in the North through Grants for the Arts, our open-access funding programme for art activities. (https://www.artscouncil.org.uk/your-area/north)

CREATIVE WORK - Exhibitions Group

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) CHANGE, Modern *8 Pier, Mykolaiv, UkraineJohnson-Perkins, J. (2021) Ars Electronica .ART Gallery x VR-All-Ar, Linz, Austria
Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) THE MEDITERRANEAN CONTEMPORARY ART PRIZE Monteserico Castle, Italy
Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) BOUNDARIES, Bekarei Video Art Space, Berlin, Germany
Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) Ctrl+ (In Collaboration with Teng Long), Beijing 2102 Gallery, China
Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) Untamed: On Wilderness and Civilization, The Alpine Fellowship symposium, Fjällnäs, Sweden
Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) International Forum of Performance Art, Drama, Greece
Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) AUSTRAL Festival Internacional de Performance Art de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2018/19) Rolling Snowball: Exhibition organized by (CEAC) The Chinese European Arts Centre (Xiamen) at (AMNUM). Dec 18 - Jan 19. The Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China. Featuring selected Chinese and international artists whom had been artist in residence at CEAC. (AMNUM) The Museum of Nanjing University of the Art is one of China's most state- of-the-art exhibition centres. The Museum aims are to broaden academic horizons with its high-level international exhibition programme. (http://nuamuseum.org/en/inside.aspx?mid=42&id=66)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) The Quickest Distance is Not Always Via a Straight Line: The Wrong Bienalle: The Wrong is the largest and most comprehensive biennale celebrating digital art today. The 3rd edition of The Wrong took place from Nov 1 - Jan 31 online, but also offline throughout important embassies and art spaces around the world. (https://thewrong.org). Accompanying Catalogue edited by Susana Romanos.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) The Resurrection of Cosmicman: Featuring new works by James and Dina Johnson-Perkins. The City Gallery, Peterborough, UK, Jul 1 – Aug 13. The Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery hosts an exciting program of changing temporary exhibitions from internationally renowned artists. (https://vivacity.org/vivacity-venues/citygallery

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) Ningbo International Photography Week (The Great Battle): Ningbo Art Centre of the Chinese Photographers Association, 555 Lake Road, Dong Qian Lake, Ningbo, China, Sep 10 - Oct 7, 2016. Featuring Johnson-Perkins’ The Great Battle, GIGATAGE and selected photography from: Dorothea Lange, Eugène Atget and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2016) BodySpace/Twist: Curated by Zhanna Khromykh at Hangzhou Public Library, China, Apr 23 – May 11. This exhibition explored definitions of the body, new identities and forms of body representation. Featuring a Johnson-Perkins’ giant Twist, INTERMADE installation, which allowed hundreds of people to interact and play Twister at once. (http://www.johnson- perkins.co.uk/other%20files/TWIST .html)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2015) I AM: 9 Arbat St, Moscow, Russia, Apr 3 - 4. Curated by Anastasia Gregoriee, Anastasia Kachalova and Anna Korobeynikova. This show was positioned as a dialogue

between artists and the public, and the reflection upon self-actualization and identity in modern society. The idea of the project was dedicated to the relationship between the individual and the social, the difficulties in achieving self-expression, and the complexities of identity and self-determination in our contemporary world.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2014) DIY Reality: Mar 11- May 17, Nastavichesky, Moscow, Russia. This exhibition acknowledged a combination of aspects of digital image making through the presentation of both computer generated art, contrasted with 'fly on the wall' style of films. Placing videos, which had been collected and downloaded (via the internet) to physically interact in real time with scheduled screenings of works that explore different ways that spaces can be used? Thus offering different possibilities for new and unusual narratives.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2014) When Suspicions are Becoming the Norm: FABRIKA, in association with Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia, May 17 - May 31. An exhibition looking at "monsters" in contemporary culture, through ideas pertining to: physicality and the distorted body, gender, social criticism, masks and double identity, artifice and the humanoid. This exhibition showcased works which reflected different facets of monstrosity and normality, allowing the viewer to reflect not only on their assessment of others, but also about their own image in the eyes of others. Featuring works by: Vlad Monroe, Gabriela Fridriksdottir and littlewhitehead.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2013) Papyri Guestbook and Similar Departures: Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy, Oct 19 – Oct 27. The Emily Harvey Foundation is open to artists throughout the world, offering a residency program in Venice, Italy, a city where the arts have been honored and fostered for over a thousand years, and a vibrant program of performances, events and exhibitions in New York City, which is also the seat of the Archive and historical Collection inherited from the Emily Harvey Gallery. (http://emilyharveyfoundation.org) Featuring works by: Ben Vautier, Geoffrey Hendrix, Ira Schnieder and Ay-O.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2013) The Legacy of Emily Harvey: Curated by Berty Skuber & Henry Martin, Emily Harvey Foundation Archive Exhibition, at the 56th Venice Biennale, May 31 – Jun 2. This show was part of an ongoing presentation of the collection of the Emily Harvey Gallery and the guests of the Emily Harvey Foundation Residency. The 56th Venice Biennale included 89 national pavilions, various satellite/themed displays and a central exhibition titled “All the World’s Futures,” curated by Okwui Enwezor.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) Phelwidek Photo: KC Dunaj, Bratislava, Slovakia, Jul 12. Phelwidek is the name of the Hungarian Felvidék, which is a playful distortion of Hungarian and Slovak. The theme of exhibition was a discussion on the coexistence of different cultures. (https://phelwidek.blog.hu)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) Dinefwr Festival: Gwly Lendyyiaeth, Wales, Jun 29 – Jun 1. This unique three-day bilingual festival combined award-winning writers, poets laureate, artists and musicians in the National Trust's Dinefwr Park and Castle, in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. (https://www.literaturewales.org/our-projects/dinefwr-literature-festival)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) Antonio Nodar - Portrait to Portrait, Vol. 2: Patan Museum, Kathmandu, Nepal. Apr. This collaboration between, Antonio Nodar and The Elsa and Nando Peretti Foundation comprises over 1.200 artists portraits and self-portraits from around the world. (https://p2sp.org/about/exhibitions)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) Phelwidek Photo: Artbázis Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. Mar 14. This exhibition had a particular enphasis on images about coexistence, or the coexistence of different people, groups, nations, religions, cultures, subcultures, regardless of whether they were peaceful or conflicted.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2011) Bus Stop, Venice #3: Galleria Perela, Venice, Italy, Sep 29. Curated by Elysium Gallery, at the 55th Venice Biennale. At this event the Elysium Gallery presented short films from

14 international artist and film-makers. That year, the 55th Venice Biennale was under the artistic direction of Massimiliano Gioni and had the title: The Encyclopaedic Palace.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2011) Bus Stop, Swansea #2: Elysium Gallery, Swansea, Wales, UK. Aug 19 – Sep 3, The Elysium gallery strives to provide support for emerging and established artists and art organisations as well as encouraging pride and participation in visual and performing arts in an environment that promotes experimentation, freedom and appreciation in all creative practices. The gallery is a curated space, programmed through directed curatorial and panel selection. (http://www.elysiumgallery.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2011) Bus Stop, Haye-on-Wye #1: Salem Chapel, Wales, UK, Curated by Elysium Gallery at The Hay-On-Wye Festival. Jun 4, since 1988, Hay-on-Wye has been the venue for an arts/literary festival, now sponsored by The Daily Telegraph newspaper, which draws a claimed 80,000 visitors over ten days at the beginning of June, to see and hear big names from all over the world. (https://www.hayfestival.com/home)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2010) Athens Photo Festival: Athens, Greece, Nov 19 – Dec 12, in collaboration with Domosthenes Agrafiotis. Since it’s conception in 1987, the Athens Photo Festival, has been committed to encouraging diversity, inclusion, creativity and critical thinking, with the aim to challenge the boundaries and experience of a traditional festival of photography and visual culture. Focusing on the why as much as the how and the what, this expanded programming represents a shared vision for what a photography festival is it can be in ways that make sense right now. (https://www.photofestival.gr/home- aphf17)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2010) Salon Contemporary: Salon Contemporary Live Art Programme, Selfridges Department Store, London, UK. Aug. Curated by Nathalie Levi. This exhibition took part in Selfridges window spaces in the iconic Oxford St, London branch. (https://www.selfridges.com).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Building with Colour: Curated by Professor Helen Baker, Gallery North, Northumbria University, UK. Jan 16 - Feb 27. This exhibition considered ideas and concepts about colour and looked at the notion of building as both a purely visual and a material activity. Also featuring work by: Sean Scully and James Hugonin. Exhibition book, edited by Professor Helen Baker, Northumbria University (ISBN 0-9561206-0-1). Video Interview: (https://vimeo.com/130280382#at=1)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Greetings Programs: (In collaboration with Dr Conor Lawless), Tron, Glasgow, UK. Jul 10 – 30 Aug. An exhibition of works produced by the artists, created by playing the classic 'light cycles' game inspired by the 1980's film Tron. This is a collection of 500 of these results and was exhibited in a huge grid system. The Tron is one of Scotland’s leading mid-scale producing and presenting theatre and art spaces, set in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City (https://www.tron.co.uk).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Digital Showcase: Austin Museum of Digital Art, Austin, Texas, USA. Mar 13. The Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage the public and artists in the creation, understanding, and appreciation of digital art. The Digital Showcase was an event featuring live electronic music and visual art. (http://www.amoda.org/about/ , http://www.amoda.org/events/digital-showcase-45)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Attitude: Center for Contemporary Public Arts, Bitola, Macedonia. June 26 - 30. The Attitude Festival collaborated with many cultural organizations: ArtExpo Italy, Prima Centre Berlin/Skopje, The One Minutes Foundation Amsterdam, EAF Adelaide, Remont Belgrade, SKUC Galerija Ljubljana, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje Macedonia, Franz West Studio Wien and Visura Aperta Zagreb. The concept of this festival was to show systems threatened not only by the energy crises but also by individual crises, encouraged and caused by a connection with material luxury, mental disaster and abuse. Portraying a society that is being directed towards a discourse of general catastrophe. (http://attitudefestival.blogspot.com/2009/05/attitude-5.html)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) Video Art and Architecture #VI: National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia. Feb 01 – 08. This was a touring exhibition that was shown in: Russia, Lithuania, USA and Spain. The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) is a museum, exhibition and research organization which aims its efforts at the development of contemporary art within the context of the global art process, at the creation and implementation of programs and projects in the sphere of contemporary art, architecture and design both in this country, and beyond its borders. (http://www.ncca.ru)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) Illuminators International: Yekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport, Russia, Apr 1 – Jun 31. In collaboration with Conor Lawless. This was the first strategic long-term program in Russian air industry aimed at the introduction of works of art and designs inside the international Koltsovo airport. In Russian an illuminator (port hole) is a round window onboard a ship, airplane, space station. In the tradition of the ancient tondi- circular pieces of art popular in Italy in the 15th century - the exhibition displayed round shaped pieces of new media art like digital graphics, animations and video objects. The works were represented by numerous round-light spots that hovered freely throughout the airport.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) Urban Identity: Monkey town, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Mar 30. ‘Monkeytown’ was a unique performance-space in Williamsberg, NY. It was famous for serving multi- course meals choreographed to accompany exotic video mash-ups on four giant walls. (https://www.itsliquid.com/urban-identity-new-york.html)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) Harry Smith Anthology Remixed: Curated by Rebecca Shatwell, The Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow, UK, Jun 21 – Jul 26. In collaboration with Matthew Cowan. CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts is Glasgow’s hub for the arts. Its programme includes cutting- edge exhibitions, film, music, literature, spoken word, festivals and performance. At the heart of all activities is the desire to work with artists, commission new projects and present them to the widest possible audience. (https://www.cca-glasgow.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) Digital Long Island Media Festival: IMAC Theater, New York, USA, Dec. This video exhibition was featured in the Sunday New York Times, USA, Dec 10, and Sunday Long Island Newsday, P3, USA, Dec 10. (https://www.nytimes.com/section/magazine)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) The International Experimental Film Festival: Florean Museum, Baia Mare, Romania, Nov 16 -17. Located in Lapusului Country, a distinctive cultural part of Maramures. This museum is one of the most interesting contemporary exhibition spaces in Romania. (http://cmc.ro/florean_museum/index.php)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) Video Art & Architecture #III: (KCCC) The Cultural Communication Centre of Klaipeda, Lithuania, Jun 14. KCCC establishes conditions for exhaustive presentation of art tendencies in Lithuania and the rest of the world. These activities are aimed at active reflection on art sociality, curatorship, art criticism, other contemporary art subjects as well as promotion of contemporary culture in the local community. Besides the exhibition organization activities, KCCC also presents experimental events of modern music and cinema.(http://echogonewrong.com/klaipeda-culture-communication-centre)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) Video Art & Architecture #II: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Mar 1. Penn is the USA’s first university. It dates its founding to 1740, when prominent evangelist George Whitefield had the idea of building a Philadelphia charity school that would double as a house of worship for his followers. It has a comprehensive program of Fine Arts, housed in the Weitzman School. (https://www.upenn.edu)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2006) First Play Berlin: Hau 2, Berlin, Germany, Oct 12 -15. Curated by Trampoline. For First Play Berlin Trampoline presented an international programme of live media art. A

fusion of performance and mobile technology aimed at expanding the frontiers of interaction and participation. http://www.trampoline-berlin.de/index.php?page=&docId=2)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2005) Nostos: Northern Lights Film Festival, Side Cinema, Newcastle, UK. Nov 24. Film Director, in collaboration with scriptwriter Dr Nick Montgomery. The word 'Nostos' is Greek for homecoming and is the inspiration for a Homeric journey structure of this film. A story which traces the crazed search of P-Man for his absent identity through a series of encounters with modern living (Consumerism, excess, games, sexuality, illness, religion). A journey with numerous allusions to popular and high culture, ranging from, Dante, Conrad, T.S.Elliot, Beckett, Julia Kristeva and Wittgenstein to Shane MacGowan, 'The Fall', David Bowie, Woody Guthrie, amongst others.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2004) Artpleasure: Lux Artist Film, The Royal College, London, UK. The Royal College is the worlds leading art-college. LUX through working with: distribution, collection, exhibition, screening, professional artists support and education. It continues advocate for and support the practice and discourse of artists’ moving image in the UK. In the summer of 2016, LUX relocated to Waterlow Park, Highgate (https://lux.org.uk, http://www.rca.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2004) Video Art & Architecture #I: Culteral el Molino Atomic, Barcelona, Spain. El Molino is a cabaret space. It has been going for more than 100 years of existence and has become a cultural and greatly-loved institution in Barcelona. It has a regular program of theatre and arts events throughout the year. Is an innovative and smart building equipped with the latest audio-visual technology (http://elmolinobcn.com/language/en).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2002/3) Crossovers Japan/UK: Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, International House, Kyoto, Japan, curated by Tomomi Iguchi. The Crossovers events started with at The Art Pavilion in Mile End Park and a conference at the Whitechapel gallery, UK. These featured ground-breaking work and discussions by the Auto-Destructive artist and well known political activist Gustav Metzger. The Toyota Municipal Museum of Art was designed by architect Taniguchi Yoshio, renowned for museum designs. The Whitechappel Gallery is a touchstone space for contemporary art internationally and plays a central role in London’s cultural landscape. (https://www.museum.toyota.aichi.jp, https://www.whitechapelgallery.org). Exhibition book by Tomomi Iguchi (ISBN-10: 0954111508).

CREATIVE WORK - Residencies

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) Correlation Contemporary, Peru

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) Belgrade Arts Studio, Serbia

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2019) The British School at Rome, Italy

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) The Emily Harvey Foundation: Venice, Italy, Jul-Aug (Third Appointment). The Emily Harvey Foundation offers residencies in Venice, Italy, for innovative artists, writers, musicians, videographers, dancers and other creative thinkers in mid to late career. They may come from anywhere in the world. The Foundation provides live-work space in Venice. (http://emilyharveyfoundation.org). Residency Video: (https://vimeo.com/231734937).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2015) The Chinese European Art Centre (Residency and Exhibition): Xiamen, China, Jun-Jul. The Xiamen artists-in-residence program gives artists an opportunity to: develop ideas, experiment and produce new work. The CEAC advises artists on how to produce their work outside their studio and shares with them a large network of local artists, companies and work sites to enable them to implement their projects in the best possible way. The CEAC stimulates a cultural and intellectual exchange between residents, local artists and students at the Art & Design Department of Xiamen University (http://www.ceac99.org). Exhibition Catalogue http://www.johnson- perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/CEAC.pdf

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2014) The Emily Harvey Foundation: The Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy, Aug (Second Appointment). See details above. Residency Catalogue: (http://www.johnson- perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/Venice%2017cm.pdf)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) The Art Student League of New York (Residency and Exhibition): Orangeburg, New York, USA, Aug. The League Residency at Vyt began as a progressive extension of the League’s educational legacy in the arts. Fostering a creative environment for more than 450 artists-in- residence from all over the world. (https://www.theartstudentsleague.org)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) The Kathmadu Contemporary Art Centre: Patan Museum, Kathmandu, Nepal, Jan. The Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre, KCAC, established Nepal’s first International Contemporary Arts Centre to host exhibitions, workshops and symposia. It hosts a series of local and International Artists residencies based at the Patan Museum. The Patan Museum displays the traditional sacred art of Nepal in an illustrious architectural setting. Its home is an old residential court of Patan Darbar. (http://www.kathmanduarts.org/Kathmandu_Arts/home.html)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) Coachwerks: Brighton, UK, Apr-May. Coachwerks is a distinctive multi use art-space venue in Brighton, which hosts a rotating gallery programme of work. (http://coachwerks.org)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) The Bridge Guard Residency (Residency and Exhibition): Sturovo, Slovakia. This residency is a response to the rebuilding of the Mária Valéria between Štúrovo (Slovakia) and Esztergom (Hungary) in 2001. During its history, this bridge was destroyed and unusable for a longer time than it was actually connecting the two towns. The bridge’s stubs kept the memory of the Second World War alive for 57 years. The artist residence building also houses the town’s Museum of History. (http://www.bridgeguard.org/en/project). Exhibition Catalogue (http://www.johnson- perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/Sturovo%2017cm.pdf)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2010) The Emily Harvey Foundation: The Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy, Mar-Apr (First Appointment). See details above.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) Rednile (Residency and Exhibition): I Won the Maths Prize at School (In Collaboration with Conor Lawless), Sunderland, UK. Catalogue essay ‘I won the Maths Prize at school’ by Matthew Cowan (http://www.johnson-perkins.co.uk/Catalogue%20pdfs/Rednile%20Catalogue.pdf).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2003) Crossovers/Kyoto Seika University (Residency and Exhibition): Kyoto, Japan. Seiichi Okamoto, SEIKA’s first president, envisioned the creation of an entirely new kind of university education, passionately advocating the concept of a university based on the spirit of freedom and autonomy. Kyoto Seika University is a private university in Iwakura, Kyoto, Japan. (http://www.kyoto- seika.ac.jp/eng).

Conference presentations

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) New Work, Correlation Contemporary, Peru

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2021) New Work, Belgrade Arts Studio, Serbia

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2018) GIGATAGES and Other Works #2: The Chinese Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China. Abstract: James Johnson-Perkins has recently been working on a series of ultra-large scale photographic GIGATAGE works, using Gigapan technology. Here he creates photographic landscapes of different modern and historical figures in renowned sites and civic squares. In this talk James will talk about his research into this new panoramic photographic technique, which uses a robot attached to a camera. He will also talk about his other works and his recent exhibition at the Lianzhu Culture and Art Centre, Hangzhou, that was curated by Zhanna Khromykh.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2018) GIGATAGES and Other Works #1: Xiamen University, Xiamen, China. Abstract: As above.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2018) INTERMADES, DADA and FLUXUS: Xiamen University, Xiamen, China. Abstract: An INTERMADE is an artwork by James Johnson-Perkins that uses existing games and objects, which are brought to life through artscores. These involve an interaction or activity guided by the score itself and are usually made or acted out by someone other that the artist. In this Lecture the artist will talk

about these works, looking at the host of unusual materials which are used: Hula Hoops, Teacher’s Blackboards and Paper Airplanes, he will also explain how these playful works relate to DADA and FLUXUS art movements

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2016) Gigapan Technology and Photomontage, A Case Study of 5 New Works: The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. Abstract: A lecture about the use of Gigapan Technology. Exploring the history of montage and examining 5 Gigapan montage images that James produced since 2010. These were created during artist residencies and lecturing posts, that he worked on in Italy, Nepal, UK, Oman and USA. Video: (https://vimeo.com/171668575).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2015) PLAXIS and Other Works: Xiamen University, Xiamen, China: Abstract:

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2014) Creative Practice/Russia: Yale University (NUS), Singapore:

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) Lego Sculptures and Other Works #2: The Art Student League of New York, USA. Abstract: An overview of works produced in the UK over 10 years.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2011) Lego Sculptures and Other Works #1: The Bridge Guard, Štúrovo, Slovakia. Abstract: As above.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Building with Colour Symposium: Northumbria University, UK. Exploring works made at the Waygood Studios in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne using Mega Bloks and Lego.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2003) Creative Practice/UK: Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK: Looking at new works made shortly after studying at Northumbria University, UK.


Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) RAPSODIA Magazine, Artist Feature: Italy, Fall/December. RAPSODIA is a Italian centered arts and literature magazine founded in 2014 that collects works by emerging artists and authors, merging them into a project of artistic promotion. (ISBN 2532-1838, https://www.rapso.org)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) In Conversation with Dr Helen Adkins/Film: The Emily Harvey Foundation, Jul. Margin Productions, Italy. (https://vimeo.com/231734937).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) Indefinite Memories/Film: Liangzhu Culture Centre, Hangzhou, China, Jul. Margin Productions, China. (https://vimeo.com/226750787).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) A5 Magazine, Artist Feature: UK, Aug. A5 Magazine is a UK based industry focused publication. (http://afive.co.uk).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2017) United Projects Newsletter, Selected INTERMADES: USA,
Aug/Sep, United Projects Newsletter is a collaborative archive of idea fragments that span the art making process – notes, documents, project proposals, research materials, etc. After every twelve issues, they are published into a hard copy volume and distributed to important libraries and museums around the world. (https://unitedprojectsnewsletter.com/).

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2016) Ningbo Focus Magazine, Artist Feature: China, Apr. Ningbo Focus is Ningbo’s leading bi-lingual business, economic and leisure magazine. (www.ningbofocus.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2015) Xiamen News, Exhibition Review: Please Wait Whilst...Monkey Magic Sings Chinese Covers of 80's Pop Classics in Times Square, Xiamen China, Jul 28. (www.whatsonxiamen.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2012) PTC2, Serbian TV (Hal9000): Artwork featured on a TV programs about Artists Video, TX 01/06/12

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2011) Radio Wave, Exhibition Feature: The Sturovo Super Hero Society,

Interview by Lucia Udvardyova, Prague, Czech Republic, Mar 1, Radio Wave broadcasts its programs to a broad social and culturally diverse audience. Their productions and information-based programs deal with: current affairs, arts, cultural agendas, entertainment and sports. (https://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/radiowave)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2010) Digimag Magazine, Radio Wave, Artist Feature: Interview by Dr Silvia Casini, Italy, May. Digimag Magazine is an interdisciplinary online publication, which publishes high- standard articles and reviews that focus on the impact of the last technological and scientific developments on art, design, communication and creativity. (http://digicult.it/digimag-journal)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2010) BBC West Midland TV, Exhibition Review: 'Today Program' News, Robot Invasion, UK, TX 9/2/10. BBC Midlands is the BBC English Region producing local television for West Midlands, Worcestershire and small parts of northern Gloucestershire.

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2010) Teachers TV, Teaching out of the box: This series challenged teams of teachers from different subject areas to come up with lesson plans, using mystery objects given to the in a box. In this episode two Maths teachers from Framwellgate School in Durham are challenged to produce a lesson with the Artist James Johnson-Perkins, that combines both maths and art. Teachers TV was a UK government–funded website and former free-to-air distance education television channel which operated from 2005–2011. The website provided video and support materials for those who work in education, including teachers, school leaders, governors, teacher trainers, student teachers and support staff. TX 2,3,4/6/09 (http://www.johnson-perkins.co.uk/films/baltic.html)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Building with Colour, Exhibition Catalogue: Gallery North: Northumbria, This exhibition considered ideas and concepts about colour and looked at the notion of building as both a purely visual and a material activity. Also featuring work by: Sean Scully and James Hugonin. Exhibition book, edited by Professor Helen Baker, Northumbria University (ISBN 0-9561206-0-1). Video Interview: (https://vimeo.com/130280382#at=1)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) The Guardian, Building with Colour (Gallery North), Exhibition Preview: Nov 1, UK, The Guardian is a British daily newspaper that is part of the Guardian Media Group, owned by the Scott Trust. (www.theguardian.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2009) Crack Magazine, Meteoric Toy (DLI Museum), Exhibition Review: Jan 1, UK. The Crack Magazine is a free culture and listings magazine. Published monthly in print and online, it covers entertainment and culture for the North East region of England. (www.crackmagazine.net)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) The Metro, 50 Robots (Exhibit Gallery), Exhibition Preview: May 9, UK. Metro is the United Kingdom's highest-circulation newspaper, published in tabloid format by DMG Media. (www.metro.co.uk)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) BK Magazine, How does it feel? (Nospace Gallery), Exhibition Review: May 8, BK Magazine is Thailand’s premiere English Speaking newspaper/website dedicated to arts and culture. (https://bk.asia-city.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) Relevant Magazine BCN #8: Artist Feature: Mar, Barcelona, Spain. Relevant is an online urban art, music, and events platform based in Barcelona, Spain. Whose aim is to connect with people residing in or travelling through Barcelona by informing them of the dynamic arts culture on offer in the city. (https://vdocuments.mx/relevant-bcn-magazine-8.html)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2008) Fefe Magazine #6, Artist Feature: Mar, Rome, Italy. FEFE is the generative platform of a cultural system centered on "visual culture". Conceived in 2007 by the director Luigi Vernieri, FEFÈ PROJECT is a creative base that until now has given birth to a magazine (Fefè

Visual Magazine), two international festivals (Viedram and Belvedere) and an internet radio station. (http://www.fefeproject.com/magazine/fef%C3%A86/fef%C3%A86james-johnson-perkins-561)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) Sunday New York Times, Digital Long Island Media Festival (Hal 9000) Exhibition Preview: USA, Nov 10, The New York Times is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership. (www.nytimes.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) Sunday Long Island Newsday, Digital Long Island Media Festival (Hal 9000) Exhibition Preview: USA, Nov 10, Newsday is an American daily newspaper that primarily serves Nassau and Suffolk counties and the New York City borough of Queens on Long Island. (www.newsday.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) The Chronicle, Turn me On/Gauntlet (Waygood Gallery), Exhibition Review: May 18, UK. The Chronicle, is a daily newspaper produced in Newcastle upon Tyne, covering Tyne and Wear, southern Northumberland and northern County Durham. (www.chroniclelive.co.uk)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2007) The Guardian, Turn me On/Gauntlet (Waygood Gallery), Exhibition Review: Mar, UK. The Guardian is a British daily newspaper that is part of the Guardian Media Group, owned by the Scott Trust. (www.theguardian.com)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2002) The Times, Crossovers/UK (Mile End Gallery), Critics Choice: Jul 10, UK, The Times is a British daily national newspaper based in London. (www.thetimes.co.uk)

Johnson-Perkins, J. (2002) Billy Connolly’s World Tour, BBC 1, Artwork Feature: Artwork featured on a TV program about Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Billy Connolly’s World Tour is an entertaining travelogue of England, Ireland and Wales presented by Billy Connolly, which also includes clips from his popular stand-up performances on tour. (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0312484), TX 01/04/02