Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What are the entry requirements?

    The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is home to students from over 70 countries and regions worldwide. We look at both academic and English language proficiency of applicants. Check HERE to find the entry requirements for your country. If your country is not listed, please email us at

  2. How do I apply?

    Please check HERE for the list of required application documents and procedure. Application to the University of Nottingham Ningbo China can be made before you have completed your study. You may use the transcripts to date to apply and the university will be able to assess your application based on information available at the time of application. If you haven’t finished your study yet, a conditional offer may be issued pending your final grades/degree. Once ready, please submit your application on our Online Application System. Email or post applications are not accepted.

  3. What’s the application fee?

    For 2022 September entry, the application fee is 200 RMB/ 30 USD. We advise you to pay the application fee via UNNC Finance online payment system or via bank transfer / telegraphic transfer (TT). Google chrome is recommended if you pay with the Finance online payment system, which applied for all international VISA、Master、JCB、AE card.

    • ACCOUNT: 376658330575
  4. What’s the deadline for course applications? Can I apply after the deadline?

    For 2022 September entry, the application deadline is by 31st May 2022. For late applications, please first check the position availability with Global Engagement Office at

  5. When will I know the outcome of my application?

    Usually a completed application will be assessed by the Admissions and Career Development Office within approximately 14 working days. Notification e-mails will be sent to the e-mail address you registered with, you may also check out your application status in the online application system.

  6. How to pay the deposit?

    Only the scholarship winners/ unconditional offer holders are eligible to pay the deposit to secure the position. We suggest that you make the payment in RMB if you are inside China. Details will be included in the offer letter.

  7. I've got a conditional offer from the University to start in September. Is it possible to defer the offer until September next year?

    Deferral is available to unconditional offer holders only. Conditional offer holders have to re-submit the application for the next intake.

  8. I’ve got an unconditional offer from the University to start in September. Is it possible to defer the offer until September next year?

    Unconditional offer holders who have paid the deposit can defer the offer to the next intake.

  9. What’s the English Test requirement?

    If English isn't your first language, you will need to submit the relevant English language proficiency test report and meet the requirements. We accept IELTS, TOEFL (iBT), PTE and alternative equivalencies.

    • For the English requirement for undergraduate programmes, please check HERE
    • For the English requirement for master programmes, please check HERE

    If you require additional support of the language requirement, please contact Global Engagement Office at

  10. What’s the deadline for the English language test result submission?

    The deadline for the English language test submission is mid-July for 2022 intake.

  11. If I am under 18, can I apply? What’s the procedure?

    A signed and completed Consent Form for International Students Under the Age of 18 from applicants who are under 18 years of age at the start of their chosen course will be highlighted on the applications sent to admissions decision makers. Please check HERE for the guides.

  12. What are the criteria of guardianship for international students under 18? Who should find the guardian?

    Where a student is from overseas and their parents remain abroad, UNNC requires details of a guardian for the child, who should be living in China, preferably in or near to Ningbo; and who will be accessible to the child and to UNNC should the need arise. It should normally be the parents who find the guardian. Agents may be consulted if they offer such service.

  13. What will happen if the parents cannot find a guardian?

    The university won’t be able to issue an offer letter, due to local government requirements.

  14. What’s the processing time after I’ve submitted an application?

    You may check your application status in the portal. Meanwhile, you will also receive an e-mail message for key updates. Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks to process with each application case (not including statutory holidays).

  15. Is it possible to change my programme in the application portal? How do I do this?

    We do not accept the change of programme in the application system, so you are strongly recommended to browse the details of our programmes or talk to our regional managers before submission:

  16. I was trying to register for the new online application portal but never received an activation message in my e-mail, where can I get help for this?

    We’ve tested the portal in various environments to make sure it generates activation messages successfully so we would like to remind you to check:

    1. That you’ve input a correct e-mail address;
    2. That you are using a recent version of your browser;
    3. Have you checked your junk mail folder?

    Sometimes the system generated message might be put in there. If you’ve checked all of the above but still didn’t receive the message, below is the e-mail address you may get assistance from: by providing the e-mail address with which you were trying to register.

  17. What is ‘Application fee payment voucher’ and where can I get one?

    ‘Application fee payment voucher’ is where you upload your bank receipt when you have finished the bank transfer of the application fee. For anyone who deferred from last year, you should upload a photocopy of your unconditional offer letter in this section and your application fee will be waived.

  18. Will I receive a rejection letter if my first choice fails? Would you notify me before you proceed to my second choice?

    The rejection letter will only be sent after application for both chosen programmes have been unsuccessful. Applicants are therefore strongly recommended to select your programmes carefully before submitting your application in the portal.

  19. If both my chosen programmes are rejected, how may I apply for a different programme?

    The system does not allow applicants to change programme once they’ve been rejected for both programmes. Applicants are therefore strongly recommended to contact our staff via for suggestions before submitting the application in the portal.

Tuition fees and Living costs

  1. What’s the tuition fee?

    2021/2022 tuition fees for international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are 110,000 RMB per year (approximately EURO 14,086 at exchange rate of 1 EURO = 7.81 RMB).

  2. What’s accommodation fee?

    UNNC provides 2 types of accommodation for international students (2020 entry for reference):

    • Building 11- single room with private toilet and shower room (16,000 RMB per academic year)
    • Building 18/20- four-bedroom flat (11,000 RMB per academic year).

    Please check HERE for the guides.

  3. Can I pay the tuition fee and other fees in instalments?

    Instalment plans are not available to commencing students, so a student’s registration for degree study will be completed once the full payment of each year’s tuition fee has been made. If you have completed at least one-year study at UNNC and encounter financial hardship, instalment plan applications are reviewed based on individual basis. Learn more about installment plans.


  1. Are scholarships available at University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC)? How do I apply?

    We offer entry-based scholarships to award exceptional degree programme applicants. Check HERE for the scholarship list and application procedure for international students.

  2. What’s the deadline? Can I apply for the scholarships after the deadline?

    The selection of scholarship winners will depend on the type of scholarships. Check HERE for the scholarship list and further details.

  3. How many scholarships can I apply for? Can the scholarships be combined?

    Students are welcome to apply for various entry-based scholarships. Please note that the scholarships cannot be combined. For students who have been considered for two awards, the highest amount successfully awarded will be granted by default.

  4. What does the full scholarship include?

    Nottingham Global Full scholarship equates to RMB 110,000 per student, which is equivalent to 100% of the first year tuition fee.

  5. How to secure the scholarships?

    A deposit of 10,000 RMB must be paid before the deadline indicated in the scholarship offer letter.

  6. I’ve got an unconditional offer and scholarship offer. How much deposit should I pay?

    A deposit of 10,000 RMB needs to be paid before the closest deadline mentioned in the offer letter.

  7. Is it possible to defer the scholarship offer until next entry?

    Scholarship offers cannot be deferred to the next intake.

  8. How should I apply for scholarships?

    Nottingham Global Scholarship and Government Scholarship require separate application forms. You may attach the scholarship application forms to 'other documents' under section 6 in the system. In addition, due to the nature of competition, applicants will be automatically considered for the next eligible scholarships available should they miss the first round of selection until the quota is filled.

Recent updates

  1. What new assessment will be in place since high school exams are cancelled/postponed due to the pandemic?

    During this challenging time, assessments will be made based on available documentation, e.g. School results provided by the exam committee for A Level and IB, or school reports provided by your high school.

  2. How will the university assess English competency since IELTS tests are cancelled?

    It is highly recommended to use TOFEL iBT Special Home Edition instead of IELTS.

  3. When can I come to campus if I’m currently outside of China? Is it possible to have on-campus life this year?

    Although we are hopeful that all students will be able to attend UNNC in person for 2022 September entry, we also strictly follow visa policies of China, and are putting plans together to ensure that university teaching and learning activities can reach all students, irrespective of their location. Please be advised of the arrangements from the government for epidemic prevention and control. We look forward to welcoming you to our campus.