We supply the tools

IT Services is in charge of ensuring all staff member and students have sufficient access to teaching, learning and research resources. We are determined to provide the best IT infrastructure, and through acquiring, developing and supporting new and emerging technologies and systems, we will supply the best tools and resources available to our customers.

Before you can fully utilitize the university's resources, you must be aware of our IT policies and regulations. A number of guides are available on our internal sharepoint site, including code of practice for using computing facilities, Information security policy, bulk email policy and many more.


Quick links to application systems


Computing resources for research

 IT Services provisioned 55.5 T-flops CPU (double) and 85.2 T-flops GPU (double) computing resources for research tasks known as High Performance Computing (HPC). This cluster of computing power is an astonishing research resource offered centrally and used by a wide variety of scientific disciplines. To find out more or apply for access to use this resource, please visit the committee site on Sharepoint.



Software Library

The university has installed standard applications and some specific applications in computer rooms, staff and student can use them in different computer rooms. The university does not provide specific software for personal use, students and staff can purchase legitimate software from regular channels.

For more available applications, please visit online software library.